Defeat Butcher from Diablo 4
Defeat the Butcher from Diablo 4 (Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

Blizzard’s Diablo 4 presents an exciting RPG element inside a challenging world. The game has hoards of mobs and powerful enemies that pose a serious threat to the character. While some demons have their specific place and time, others like the Butcher enjoy random spawn inside the Dungeon to terrorize the players. 

There is little that can be done while you have a blind encounter with a powerful monster In Diablo 4. The Butcher is one such enemy that is ruthless and his random spawn has wreaked havoc during the Early Access Beta. 

As difficult as it might sound there has to be a way to kill the monstrosity. Follow on as this article explores a tactical approach to dealing with the Butcher from Diablo 4.

Guide to defeating the Butcher from Diablo 4

As discussed earlier, gamers should note that the Butcher spawns randomly inside the Dungeons from Diablo 4. Players have to be very careful and prepared to set foot in any new area during the Dungeon run as its spawn point is not fixed. Even Asmongold in one of his live streams was caught off-guard by the Butcher and his character got stomped on. 

The encounter with the monster is terrifying as he can be waiting in any room of the Dungeon looking for some fresh blood. Players who have fought him during the beta have commented on its massive HP pool making it difficult for them to slay it. If you don’t feel like going against it, try to run in the opposite direction to save your in-game character. If you are feeling adventurous then follow the guide below.

Stay outside its range to Freeze the AI

The best way to deal with the Butcher in a fight is to stay outside its attack range. When you encounter him in a room, immediately exit through the doorway. Make sure that he follows you to the exit point where its AI freezes.

Now, you can throw your attacks at him and chip away at its health bar. Keep attacking until you kill this mighty beast in Diablo 4. Once his AI freezes you don’t have to worry about getting hit but it might take some time given that he is tanky. 

Play with friends 


The organic way to deal with the Diablo 4 monster is to fight him with a group of people. Understandably, he does not have a fixed spawn but a Dungeon run with your friends is fun. Team up with people and clear Dungeons in hopes to encounter the Butcher. 

Butcher in Diablo 4 to be defeated with clanmates
Fight the Butcher with your clanmates (Image courtesy of Diablo 4)

You can also team up with players from your clan when you decide to fight it. During a group fight, one can distract the demon to counter his aggressive nature while others can deal damage.

After defeating the Butcher from Diablo 4, players are rewarded with items of different rarity, gold, and experience points. As of now, his random encounter is quite terrifying to solo adventurers but the game is still in its beta phase. More developments for his spawn can be confirmed once the title launches on June 6, 2023. 


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