How to complete the Hornsent quest line in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Hornsent Quest

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree brings in new challenges, quests, and weapons. Among these adventures, the Hornsent quest line stands out as a dark and intertwining narrative.

Not only does this quest unlock a critical lore of the Shadow of Erdtree, but also you are bound to get unique rewards after its completion.

You will learn about the past of Hornsent, his people, his rage against the Erdtree, and how he seeks vengeance against its members.

How to start the Hornsent questline in Elden Ring

Once you have entered the shadow realm and reached the Gravesite Plain, you need to locate the Three-Path Cross. It will not take much time because you can simply follow the glowing cross of Miquella and it will lead you to the desired place where two NPCs will be standing: Hornsent and Redmane Freyja.

Interact with both of them to begin your journey and learn about their past plight. Hornsent will have a cold conversation with you in the beginning but he will eventually provide you the Cross map and will help only if you are ready to get his revenge.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion
Divine Beast Dancing Lion (Image via YouTube)

The Cross Map shows the locations of 3 Miquella crosses and guides you to the places you need to visit. You will encounter the Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Belurat, Tower Settlement. Be prepared to fight the beast as you may need quick reflexes and dodging strategies ready before the battle.

Where to find Hornsent in the Shadow Keep

On defeating the Divine Beast, you can gain entry to the Scadu Altus, although you have two options: defeat Rellana or take an alternative route behind the Fort of Reprimand.

Having entered Scadu Altus, meet Hornsent at the Highroad Cross where you will receive a new Cross Map and a few insights on the next stages of the quest.

Make your way to the Shadow Keep, break Miquella’s charm, and progress further into Hornsent’s storyline. At this juncture, an interaction with Lady Leda reveals that she is suspicious of Hornsent and might go after him.

Golden Hippopotamus (Image via YouTube)
Battle with the Golden Hippopotamus in Elden Ring (Image via YouTube)

In the Shadow Keep, you will encounter the Golden Hippopotamus and you have a choice to summon either Redmane Freyja or Hornsent to help you in the battle. Once the boss has been defeated, come out in the open area, and you will land in front of two choices whether to be summoned by Lady Leda or by Hornsent.

Defeating Hornsent will end the quest right there and give you all his loot while helping Hornsent to defeat Leda will provide you with Ash of War: Swift Slash and Leda’s Rune.

How to defeat Messmer the Impaler

Siding with Hornsent against Leda or choosing to skip the conflict will allow you to unlock the battle with Messmer the Impaler and continue the quest. It may seem difficult to summon Hornsent once you have engaged in a battle with the Messmer, but once you have completed the task and defeated the boss, a scene will unlock where Hornsent will thank you for helping him get his revenge.

To defeat Messmer, you need to understand his weak points first which are cold and bleeding. Moreover, he can be staggered if you can break his poise. You will require a frost-infused weapon and armor with high physical and fire protection. Use your flasks and items wisely through the battle and you can survive this encounter with ease.

Messmer the Impaler (Image via YouTube)
Messmer the Impaler (Image via FromSoftware)

How to defeat the Hornsent at the Ancient Ruins of Rauh

After defeating Messmer the Impaler your journey leads you to the Ancient ruins of Rauh, where you are confronted by Hornsent. You are required to defeat Hornsent here and it will grant you his Falx curved swords, braided armor, mask, loincloth, and arm wraps.

Equip yourself with armor that gives protection against bleed buildup and physical damage. While climbing the stairs to face Romina, the main boss of Ancient Ruins, Hornsent will appear and start a battle. Hornsent may not be particularly strong but his bleed attacks may give you a hard time if you don’t have the required protection. Look for openings to dodge and counter his attacks from a distance and you can easily defeat him to claim the rewards.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Hornsent questline completion rewards

If you defeat Lady Leda in Shadow Keep first you are eligible for the following rewards:

  • Ash of War: Swift Slash
  • Lady Leda’s Rune (having 40,000 runes)

Once you have defeated Hornsent at the Ancient Ruins of Rauh or earlier at Shadow Keep, you can claim his loot which includes:

  • Falx curved swords (with Bleed buildup)
  • Caterpillar Mask
  • Braided Robe
  • Soiled Loincloth
  • Braided Arm Wraps
  • Lacerating Cross-Tree Talisman (After speaking to Lady Leda)

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