Diablo 4 Rite of Pasage
How to complete Diablo 4 Rite of Passage quest? (Image via youtube.com/Quests)

After the commencement of the open beta for Diablo 4, fans have all been deeply glued to the game. The quests in the game are nothing short of phenomenal and one such quest is the Rite of Passage quest.

You will have to travel with Lorath Nahr, a hermit, to Kyovashad in this quest. You can speak with him to initiate this quest or can alternatively enter The Ancients’ way for it. This is the last quest in the prologue of Diablo 4, thus it is an unskippable quest if you want to complete the open beta.

Diablo 4: Guide for completing the Rite of Passage quest in the prologue

Quest guide

Speak to Lorath and take him with you on your journey to Kyovashad in Diablo 4. You can travel to it by following your map at the top right. You will have to fight a lot of Fallen enemies on the way, including a Fallen Overseer and a Fallen Shaman. Upon entering the city, you will be stopped by a guard. Speak to Lorath for moving further in the quest, and advance the prologue for Diablo 4.

Guard quest
Guard quest (Image via youtube.com/Quests)

Lorath will instruct you to perform a certain cleansing ritual to enter Kyovashad, which you will have to do on your own. Follow the next steps to complete the ritual:

  • Pick up Holy Cedar Tablets and inscribe them with the sin that touches you the most.
  • You will find various options for inscription:
  1. Inscribe “Fear” into the wood.
  2. Inscribe “Anger” into the wood.
  3. Inscribe “Pride” into the wood.
  4. Inscribe “Greed” into the wood.
  5. Inscribe nothing but scribbles into the wood.
  • Whichever inscription you choose, you’ll still be rewarded with 880 experience and 300 gold, which is very helpful in Diablo 4.
  • Throw it into the Brazier which is right next to it.
  • Head back to the guard and tell him that the ritual is done. He will grant you access to Kyovashad.
  • Speak with Lorath again after entering the city.

Diablo 4 additional: The final part of the prologue

Speaking with Lorath will advance the quest, and you will enter the final part of the prologue in Diablo 4. He will tell you that his next destination is the Dry Steppes to find the Pale Man from your vision. He will ask you to bring him something from the town merchant. Follow these steps below for the final instructions for the Diablo 4 prologue:

  • Head to the merchant in the city
  • Tell him that Lorath sent you and he will hand you a weapon.
  • Pay 20 gold to him and take the weapon. He will also give you a Strange Amulet for Lorath so take that too.
  • Head back to Lorath and give the items you got from the merchant.

Diablo 4 guard

Lorath will tell you that the Strange Amulet is the mark of the Horadim. It is an ancient group of Scholars and Mages who swore to protect the Sanctuary from demons and the fallen. Only a few of them remain, and Lorath will guide you to someone who could be helpful for your journey.

This is where the quest and the prologue of Diablo 4 end.

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