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Guide to create a clan or customize in Diablo 4 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Diablo 4 is currently having early access and will be having an open beta soon from March 24, 2023. The RPG is full of activities, gritty stories, and demons to hunt in a vast world after Litith’s return to the franchise.

However, when hunting demons in the game, players might think of taking on hordes might be a bit tedious alone. So, Blizzard Entertainment made sure the game gets a fuild multiplayer experience that fans can enjoy.

To play Diablo 4 beta with friends, players have to create a clan or join one to enjoy the game with others. Thus, this guide will specifically be focusing on how you can create and customize a clan in the latest RPG iteration.

Steps to create a clan in Diablo 4 beta

Creating a Clan in Diablo 4 is not difficult and can be done quite so simply. To give some assistance, follow the steps below:

  • Open Diablo 4 and go to the Game Menu. Find the Clan tab and click on it.
  • On opening the Clan tab, you will find two options, one to join and the other to create. Click on the Create Clan option.
  • Give a unique name for the clan in the Clan Name placeholder. Additionally, also enter a Tag for the clan in the Clan Tag field, which can be 6 characters long.
  • If you are making a public clan, make sure you add a Clan Description, Language, and Labels to keep the doors open for like-minded players.
  • After all the necessary things, select Create Clan and you will have own very own clan in Diablo 4.

So how can you customize your clan more?

When you’re done creating a clan, it is important to ensure everything is according to you. To customize your clan simply go to the Clan tab from the main menu and then click on Manage Clan. After opening, you’re presented with multiple tabs and here’s what each of those does:

  • Summary: Players can edit the clan visibility, add a message of the day, labels, disband or leave the clan, and other options.
  • Permissions: Here players can give permission to what each rank of the players can do in a clan. The clan owner can also decide who can speak over voice or giving power to members to promote or demote ranks.
  • Heraldry: This is a place where the owner can customize the symbol of the clan by making their own banners.
  • Bans: If you as a clan owner find any problematic players, you can ban then and their names will show up here. If these players ever redeem themselves, you can go here and unban them.

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