How to defeat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
How to defeat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image courtesy of Team Ninja)

Team Ninja’s latest release, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, has quite a few bosses that need more than just a few tries to overcome — Lu Bu is one of them. You will encounter him in the mission, The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass, and be mindful of your strategy as he is a formidable enemy. The point to note is that this is a mandatory boss fight as he is one of the main bosses in the game.

The key to successfully defeating Lu Bu is patience and resilience. He is a fierce warrior atop his mount, thus you cannot charge in carelessly. Being over-aggressive is absolutely not advised for this fight and you need to completely exhaust his spirit gauge to knock him off his mount to do any real damage.

Although it is better if you go solo in this fight, make sure to equip your Tiger Seals so that you can call for reinforcements if needed. Also, make sure to spend any Genuine Qi possible. The Dragon’s Cure Pot will come in handy as well, so make sure to upgrade it as much as possible and use it to heal, even though the windows to do so are pretty tight in this fight.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide – Exploring Lu Bu’s moveset, attack pattern, and weaknesses

Moveset and attack pattern

How to defeat Lu Bu
Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image courtesy of Team Ninja)

As mentioned earlier, Lu Bu is a fierce warrior on horseback. You have to dismount him by exhausting his spirit gauge to start doing any reasonable damage.

With a huge halberd as his primary weapon and a staff as his secondary, he mainly uses them for his various movesets and combos. Lu Bu also has a bow with which he can fire a set of arrows circling out towards you, or can use the bow for a 180-degree horizontal-spread attack.

He also performs a sweep attack with his halberd as he is riding toward you, which you can easily dodge. But be ready for the follow-up swipe attack as he spins toward you if you are close to him.

Most of his combos are based on a sweep, strike, swing, and spin attacks. Most of these attacks you can dodge or even try to parry if you are feeling brave enough. For his swinging combos, Lu Bu will perform a series of swing attacks. You should also dodge this move and ideally try to get behind him to create an opening for your attack. Additionally, you may deflect his attack as that will exhaust his spirit gauge quickly.

Fatal blow attacks

There are two fatal blow attacks that Lu Bu will perform in this fight. You should try to deflect these attacks as doing so will deplete his spirit gauge very quickly.

How to defeat Lu Bu
Lu Bu boss fight (Image courtesy of Team Ninja)

The first is a straight-up charged attack in a straight line toward you, indicated by a red glow. Lu Bu will be on a momentary halt and will face directly towards you before charging. Make sure to deflect this attack just before he hits you, otherwise it will take up a chunk of your HP. Distancing yourself before trying to deflect his attack is a great way of making the parry timing easier.

How to defeat Lu Bu
Jumping Fatal Blow attack (Image courtesy of Koei Tecmo)

The second fatal blow is a jump attack, which he initiates with a huge leap into the air right above your head. You should absolutely be locked on to him to get the deflection timing right. It might be a bit tricky in this case as the horse lingers in the air momentarily.


After successfully deflecting his fatal attacks and getting in a few hits in the first phase, his spirit gauge should finally be exhausted. This will initiate phase 2, as he is knocked down from the horse. Finally, you can do reasonable damage to his HP. But do not let this fool you as the battle becomes much harder in phase 2 because Lu Bu gets very aggressive with his attacks. There is not much to his weakness barring this fact.

How to defeat Lu Bu: Phase 2

Lu Bu is knocked down from his horse but the horse is yet not out of the battlefield. It circles around the arena limiting your space to move as getting hit by it can take some of your HP and spirit gauge.

A lot of Lu Bu’s attacks remain the same in this phase, like the arrows. But these can be regular arrows or on fire, depending on which stage he is in. Further, into the fight, he can fire two consecutive shots with the bow, which may or not be the same attack. Your best bet here should be deflecting the barrage, but you can pull off a risky dodge if you time it right.

How to beat Lu Bu
Lu Bu Straight Charge Fatal Blow attack (Image courtesy of Koei Tecmo)

In phase 2, Lu Bu will have quite a few fatal blow attacks. One of them is his AoE where he jumps high up in the air and slams his staff into the ground creating a fiery explosion. You should either deflect or dodge these, whichever suits you best.

The other fatal blow attack is a straight charge toward you with his spear digging into the ground attempting to fling you up in the air. As always, the best option is to deflect this attack. You can also increase your distance from him by dodging backwards a few times.

Lu Bu in Wo Long
Knock Lu Bu down from his mount to do damage (Image courtesy of Koei Tecmo)

Lu Bu will unleash a diagonal upward slash or an overhead spin fatal attack with his staff just after you successfully deflect any of his previous critical attacks. Keep your distance from the spin attack because it might be followed by a lunge as it can take up a huge chunk of your HP and knock you down. So be ready to deflect the lunge whenever it comes.

End of the fight

After some time, Lu Bu will signal his horse to join the battle and will get on top of it. You will have to repeat all the previous steps to knock him down again. However, as his health gets lower, his combos will get longer, and his attack cooldown time will shorten considerably, making the battle more difficult. Blocking one critical attack will mean that another one is coming and his spinning staff attacks might force you to spam the deflect button.

How to defeat Lu Bu
Lu Bu death (Image courtesy of Ruba)

The fight might be overwhelming at the beginning, but you will get the hang of it within a few tries. You should go solo in this fight as bringing allies might limit your capabilities. Since you will have little time to heal, be very careful — patience is the key as this fight is long.

Once you have defeated him, you will get the Flying General Armor Set and the Sky Piercing Halberd, one of the most powerful halberds in the game.

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