Diablo 4 open beta respec guide
How to respec your skill points in Diablo 4? (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Blizzard Entertainment has started the open beta for Diablo 4, the upcoming action RPG. As the players have started with their build and are now ready to cover all the content accessible in the beta.

One important factor that comes alongside leveling up, is the respec mechanic. As there are an extensive amount of skills and abilities to choose from, and various other builds to try, being able to respec is essential. You might also want to try all of the various skills and builds in the game. Thus adjusting your character to your whims is also a good idea in Diablo 4.

In this article, you will know how to respec your skill points in Diablo 4 quite easily.

Diablo 4: How to respec your skill points?

A comprehensive guide

Respec in Diablo IV from Diablo

It is quite easy actually, to respec. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

Resetting points is free in the Diablo 4 open beta until level 7. Once you cross level 7, the price will gradually start increasing, so you will have to spend gold.

  • Open your Sill Tree and press Refund All right at the bottom of the screen. This will give back all your skill points to you, resetting your character to base.
  • If you want to reset a single skill, hover over it and right-click on it. Keep in mind that you cannot reset a skill that has branches or dependencies. You have to reset all of them for the effect.
  • Then you can easily put your points in the desired places and have your character ready in Diablo 4.

As mentioned earlier, you will require gold to successfully apply these effects if you are more than level 7 in Diablo 4, and the price will gradually go higher with your level. This is a soft block that is incorporated purposely into the game so that you value your decisions. So think carefully as you cannot do it several times a day in Diablo 4. Also, plan your budget carefully, as it will consume a lot of gold eventually.

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