Diablo 4 beta Druid
How to play as Druid in Diablo 4 beta and unlock it? (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

With the commencement of the Diablo 4 beta, players are looking forward to trying out all the builds. But some of them have to be unlocked in order to be playable. The class Druid is one of them.

If you want to try out Druid because of preference or variety, as mentioned earlier, you will have to unlock it first. This class is known for its shapeshifting ability and great magic spells. Thus you can have a great time with them.

You will know everything about this class through this article:

Diablo 4 beta: How to unlock Druid, its abilities, and skills

How to unlock the Druid class

It is a very simple process. As confirmed by the developers, to unlock the Druid class, you will have to take part in the open beta weekend, starting on March 24, 2023. Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed the aforementioned news in its Diablo 4 beta blog post. Along with Druid, you will also have to wait for the Necromancer class, until the open beta.

Druid in Diablo 4 beta: Skill categories or abilities

The Druid is a elemental shapeshifter who can turn into werebears or werewolfs. It can also manipulate elements like Earth, Wind, and Storm. Thus it has a plethora of skills to use and unlock.

The following are the skills of this class:

  1. Basic Skills: Free spammable skills, to generate spirit like Earthspike, Claw, Storm Strike, Maul and Wind Shear.
  2. Spirit Skills: Spirit skills have no cooldown just the the Basic skills, but they consume spirit. The skills for Druid in Diablo 4 beta are Pulverize, Landslide, Tornado, Lightning Storm, and Shred.
  3. Defensice Skills: These are protective skills or healing abilities. Druid can useCyclone Armor, Earthen Bulwark, Debilitating Roar, and Blood Howl, as its main defensive abilities.
  4. Companion Skills: Summon creatures to fight your enemies and help you in battle. The summoning abilities are Vine Creeper, Wolves, and Ravens.
  5. Wrath Skills: These are secondary skills for supporting effects, like crowd control. They are Hurricane, Trample, Boulder, and Rabies.
  6. Ultimate Skills: These are ultimate moves with a long cooldown and are extremely powerful. Use this on powerful enemies and bosses to kill them quickly. These are Cataclysm, Petrify, Grizzly Rage, and Lacerate.
  7. Skill Tags: A druid can at least have one of the following tags- Shapeshifting, Storm Magic, Earth Magic, Companion, adding with the perviously mentioned skills.
  8. Dismount Skill: This is a very interesting ability as you can jump from your horse and transform in a werebear mid-air and slam the ground to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Diablo 4 beta: Druid class- Final thoughts

The Druid class is one of the most-powerful classes in all of Diablo 4. With its unique shapeshifting ability and an extensive amount of spells, it is something you should definitely try. So wait for the open beta weekend, and enjoy playing as the Druid with your favorite build in Diablo 4 beta.

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