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How can you sell your gears in Wo Long? (Image via Team Ninja)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the latest soulslike game from Nioh creator, Team Ninja. While the gameplay finds resemblance with FromSoftware’s Sekiro, the rest of the mechanics remain classic soulslike.

One of the main things that keep the genre intact is the plethora of weapons that players can pick from. Every type of weapon in the game promotes different kinds of playstyle, which makes it unique for all. However, there might be times when someone might feel like selling some acquired weapons as it doesn’t resemble their playstyle.

Players have the option to sell their unrequired weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to earn better gears. Thus, this guide will be telling players how they can sell their gears in the newest soulslike game.

How can you sell your gears in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Selling gears in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn’t much complicated, all players have to do is visit Blacksmith at Mt. Tianzhushan. Alternatively, players can also interact with the Battle Flag in the game to do the same.

While it is easier to just sell items from the Battle Flag under the ‘supplies’ menu, it is better to rather do it at the Blacksmith. The reason being, players get an additional option to salvage unnecessary items which can be used later on. For instance, players can get rare crafting materials by salvaging unrequited gears to upgrade weapons and armors more.

By selling gears in the game, players can get hold of ‘copper,’ which is required to upgrade equipment or buy various consumables. While completing quests remains the primary way to get copper, selling gear can be a great secondary option.

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