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Is it possible to get a mount in Diablo 4 early access and open beta? (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Fans love the Diablo 4 beta as the early access is out if you have pre-purchased the game. Even if you have not, you can always wait and try the open beta coming this March 24.  Check the dates and timings of the betas according to your time zone.

Even after having a boatload of content being shipped out inside the betas, fans still want more. It is a natural reception if you are as big as the Diablo franchise. But one question that keeps surfacing on the internet is if mounts will be available during both the betas.

Diablo 4 beta: Is it possible to get a mount during the beta?

Unlocking and availability

To everyone’s disappointment, it is not possible to get a mount during the two weeks of the Diablo 4 beta. Mounts have always been a great resource in Diablo games. Thus, everyone must want a mount in the beta too.

Mounts are available after level 30 when you complete a quest called “Mount: Donan’s Favor.” Both the beta versions are locked at level 25, so it is impossible just yet. You can see horses in the stable up for sale, but will not be able to get one for yourself in the beta.

But, it is confirmed that you will be able to mount after the release of the full game. The action RPG will be totally available with all its resources after its release on June 6, 2023. However, as mentioned earlier, you will need to complete a quest to unlock mounts. Once you reach level 30, the quest will be available. Completing that quest will unlock all the stables throughout Sanctuary.

So until the full release, you will have to tread the Sanctuary with your feet. This might seem to be tedious but you will have a lot of exploration opportunities which is an added perk. Till then try out different builds with the five classes in the Diablo 4 beta, and enjoy it as much as you can.

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