Lies of P: All Bosses + Locations | Complete List

Lies of P all bosses location

Gamers all around are gearing up to embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Lies of P. One of the most anticipated aspects of the game is the epic battles against challenging bosses. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of all the bosses in Lies of P, complete with their locations.

Lies of P Complete Bosses List

In the unforgiving world of Lies of P, battling bosses is no walk in the park. Some of these adversaries may appear straightforward once you’ve grasped their attack patterns. On the other hand, others will test your patience and skills to the max. Summoning a specter to aid you in major boss fights is an option, but even that might not guarantee victory.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the complete list of Lies of P bosses, each with their own unique challenges.

Lies of P all bosses location
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Parade Master

  • Location: Station Plaza
  • Rewards: Parade Leader’s Ergo, Quartz

Mad Donkey

  • Location: Alchemist Bridge
  • Rewards: Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel, Mask

Scrapped Watchman

  • Location: Krat City Hall
  • Rewards: Overcharged Storage Battery, Broken Hero’s Ergo, Core, Quartz, Small Wooden Officer Puppet

Puppet of the Future

  • Location: Workshop Union Culvert
  • Rewards: Quartz, Radiant Ergo Chunk

King’s Flame, Fuoco

  • Location: Venigni Works
  • Rewards: High-powered Flame Amplifier, King’s Flame Ergo, Flame Grindstone

The Atoned

  • Location: Moonlight Town (Pilgrim’s Cable Railway)
  • Rewards: Cable Railway Key, The Atoned’s Mask

Fallen Archbishop Andreus

  • Location: St. Frangelico Cathedral
  • Reward: Twisted Angel’s Ergo

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

  • Location: Malum District
  • Reward: Taunt Gesture and Resplendent Ergo chunk, The Delayed Match

The White Lady

  • Location: Rosa Isabelle Street
  • Reward: The White Lady’s Mask, The White Lady’s Locket

Mad Clown Puppet

  • Location: Rosa Isabelle Street
  • Reward: Quartz

King of Puppets

  • Location: Estella Opera House
  • Rewards: Burnt-White King’s Ergo, Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress, Someone’s Necklace, King of Puppets

Champion Victor

  • Location: Grand Exhibition
  • Rewards: Champion’s Ergo, The Champion of Evolution

Owl Doctor

  • Location: Barren Swamp
  • Rewards: Owl Doctor’s Mask

Green Monster of the Swamp and Puppet-Devouring Green Monster

  • Location: Barren Swamp
  • Rewards: Golden Ergo, Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo, Puppet-Devouring Green Monster

Robber Weasel

  • Location: Krat Central Station Platform
  • Rewards: Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel, Robber Weasel’s Mask

Walker of Illusions

  • Location: Abandoned Apartment
  • Rewards: Legion Caliber, Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant

Corrupted Parade Master

  • Location: Cersani Alley
  • Rewards: Quartz x1, Full Moonstone, Corrupted Parade Master

Black Rabbit Brotherhood

  • Location: Relic of Trismegistus
  • Rewards: Quartz x1, Revenge of Black

Door Guardian

  • Location: Arche Abbey
  • Rewards: High-level Alchemist Badge

Black Cat

  • Location: Arche Abbey Outer Wall
  • Rewards: Black Cat’s Mask

Laxasia, The Complete

  • Location: Arche Abbey
  • Rewards: Sad Zealot’s Ergo, The Complete One

Red Fox:

  • Location: Arche Abbey Upper Area
  • Rewards: Red Fox’s Mask

Simon Manus, Arm of God and Simon Manus, Awakened God

  • Location: Arche Abbey
  • Rewards: Arm of God, Fallen One’s Ergo, The Awakened God

The Nameless Puppet

  • Location: Arche Abbey
  • Reward: Nameless Puppet’s Ergo, The First Puppet

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