Little Nightmares 3: What is the Story All About?

Little Nightmares 3

The release of the official announcement trailer for Little Nightmares 3 from Bandai Namco has sparked a great deal of excitement among many people. This game holds a special place in the hearts of horror fans. As a result, anticipation levels are currently soaring. People are genuinely curious about the direction the storyline might take. In the following article, we will delve into the details and uncover what the Little Nightmares 3 story is all about.

What is Little Nightmares 3?

Scheduled for a release in the year 2024, Little Nightmares 3’s launch timeframe was officially confirmed by Supermassive and publisher Bandai Namco during the livestream event of the 2023 Gamescom Opening Night Live. The game is designed to be compatible with both the latest generation and previous generation gaming hardware.

The trailer itself captivates with its eerie and somber atmosphere. It introduced players to the two new main characters, Low and Alone. It’s evident that Supermassive brings a wealth of expertise from their extensive work in the genre, highlighted by their impressive track record that features the Dark Pictures Anthology and the well-regarded PS5 horror game, Until Dawn.

What the story is all about

Little Nightmares 3
Screengrab courtesy of Xbox via YouTube

In Little Nightmares 3, you will step into the roles of two determined children named Low and Alone. These children are on a mission to break free from the confines of a distorted world. Armed with Low’s bow and arrows and Alone’s trusty wrench, you must navigate through an array of new and treacherous challenges, all with the goal of survival.

  • The game’s narrative unfolds within the eerie expanse of the Necropolis. It was a once-thriving city now reduced to ruins and dominated by towering windmills, sails, and other wind-driven contraptions that persistently spin on their own accord.
  • The Necropolis is renowned for being a realm of unceasing energy, yet it’s also a place where doom is inescapable.
  • Its former inhabitants, known as the Dwellers, have vanished from the streets.

As the stones and crows keep their mysteries guarded, the bold adventures undertaken by our two new main characters, Low and Alone, could potentially unveil some of the puzzling secrets concealed beneath the ever-changing sands of the Necropolis.

The Monster Baby

Little Nightmares Monster Baby
Screengrab courtesy of Xbox via YouTube

Making its entrance as an early source of danger within this unsettling city is the Monster Baby.

  • She’s a unique creature with the ability to move its eye in an unsettling manner within its socket.
  • While the motivations driving her actions remain cloaked in mystery, the danger she poses is beyond doubt.
  • Her substantial size and ungainly movements contribute to her imposing stature, and navigating through her territory mirrors a high-stakes match of hide and seek, where the outcome of survival teeters precariously.

Furthermore, the decaying metropolis is rife with hazards, and you’ll come to realize that crows and other dangerous entities have sought shelter amidst the remnants abandoned by the disappeared Dwellers.

What challenges lie ahead

Little Nightmares 3
Screengrab courtesy of Xbox via YouTube

When it comes to the exact details of the challenges that lie ahead, there’s still a limited amount of information available.

  • Nevertheless, if we look at the consistent trends that have been present in previous editions of Little Nightmares, we can anticipate an encounter that is characterized by an intensely unsettling and deeply disturbing atmosphere. 
  • This expectation is further supported by the presence of a colossal monster baby.

Little Nightmares 3 gameplay

Little Nightmares Lantern
Screengrab courtesy of Xbox via YouTube

Little Nightmares 3 appears poised to uphold this tradition by introducing an entirely new realm of unsettling experiences.

  • In this forthcoming edition, players can anticipate encountering new and distinctive sources of danger, an elevated sense of suspense, and unfamiliar and enigmatic landscapes to unravel.
  • The game introduces two new main characters who offer the flexibility to either team up with a friend or embark on the journey independently.
  • You have the choice to take on the trials of breaking free from the realm of Nowhere alongside a companion.

As shown in the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 trailer:

  • The gameplay loop of Little Nightmares 3 will involve maneuvering through a plethora of puzzles and obstacles. Many of which are significantly larger than our diminutive main characters.
  • The trailer also showcases the strategic use of light sources to fend off swarms of insects.

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