Overwatch 2 mid-season 4
Overwatch 2 (Image by Overwatch, Twitter)

Overwatch 2 is an FPS game that is a sequel to Overwatch. This game is currently available on consoles as well as PCs. The game has currently 17 heroes under the category of damage class or DPS. With each update the viability of a hero in a match-up changes, which means some heroes get better and some get the nerf. This tier list exclusively focuses on the DPS characters in Overwatch 2  ranked from S to B tier and will help you choose the heroes that are currently best in the mid-season 4.

Best DPS characters in Overwatch 2 – Ranked

Best ranked characters tier list, Overwatch 2 mid-season 4.
Best ranked characters tier list, Overwatch 2 mid-season 4. (Image by Spiel Times)

DPS characters are the ones that are the primary source of damage for their team. These characters are usually low on defensive stats but have high damage output. Positioning, damage output, and survivability are the three main aspects one should consider while choosing one of the DPS characters.

Some of these DPS characters are highly mobile but this is balanced with a relatively lesser damage output compared to DPS characters that have low mobility but destructive damage. Choosing the best DPS character can be a bit tricky and situational, but the above list ranks the characters keeping in mind all these aspects.

S Tier heroes

1. Ashe

Ashe, Overwatch 2
Ashe, DPS character, Overwatch 2 (Image by Blizzard)

She is an absolute beast in mid-season 4. Her pick rate drastically increased after a QoL update to her ultimate skill BoB. She lacks mobility but makes it up with a knockback that is handy if enemy tanks come on your face. In addition, she deals high damage; when we say HIGH, we mean it!

Furthermore, her dynamite deals massive AoE damage. Lastly, what makes her the top character in our Overwatch 2 ranked list is her Ultimate Ability BoB. Once you deploy him, you can gain man advantage in most of the fights and it is undoubtedly one of the strongest abilities of any DPS character right now.

2. Tracer

Tracer, DPS character
Tracer, DPS character, Overwatch 2 (Image by Blizzard)

Tracer is undoubtedly one of the hardest characters to play in Overwatch 2. Although once mastered, this character can carry you through games because of her ability to survive all by herself. She is highly mobile and can regenerate her health with her “recall” ability. This grants her space to move in and out of the fights while dealing consistent short-range damage. Lastly, her ultimate deals AoE damage which can come in handy while enemies are stacking up.

3. Soldier-76

Soldier 76, DPS character, Overwatch 2
Soldier 76, DPS character, Overwatch 2 (Image by Blizzard)

This character is one of the most consistent in performance across all the ranked leagues. Soldier 76 has enough mobility with his sprint and can take people down with his assault rifle from a distance. In addition, he has a healing ability that he can plant around him while he hits enemies from strategic locations.

Lastly, his ultimate is used wisely, and can at least take down 2-3 enemies’ characters because of his 100% accuracy rate during it. These reasons make him earn a spot in our ranked list of best DPS characters in Overwatch 2 mid-season 4.

Although these 3 characters are in the S tier, the other characters in the list can be played in competitive modes. Especially the ones in the A+ tier column are as viable as the ones in the S tier. We recommend you play the heroes from S, A+, and the A tier as DPS characters in a ranked game of Overwatch 2.

A+ Tier heroes

  1. Cassidy
  2. Widowmaker
  3. Hanzo
  4. Mei
  5. Junkrat
  6. Reaper

A Tier heroes

  1. Sojourn
  2. Echo
  3. Torbjorn
  4. Bastion
  5. Sombra
  6. Symmetra
  7. Parah

B Tier Heroes

  1. Genji

If you have any questions regarding the best-ranked DPS characters in Overwatch 2 in mid-season 4, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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