PlayStation State of Play: Tonight’s Leaks Get Fans Mixed Reactions

PlayStation State of Play: Tonight's Leaks Get Fans Hyped

Things appear to have changed after a reputable Spanish leaker, @LeakProximidad, disclosed a list of 14 games that might be included in tonight’s PlayStation State of Play event. While leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, this list gives fans an idea of what PlayStation may be releasing soon.

Fan Favorites and Newcomers

The leaked list boasts a diverse mix of sequels, remakes, and brand-new titles. Beloved franchises like Astrobot, God of War, Monster Hunter, and Silent Hill could be making appearances, potentially with exciting announcements for PlayStation and PC players.

  • Here’s a quick rundown of the leaked titles:
    • Astrobot’s New Game
    • Marvel Rivals Console Port Announcement
    • God of War Ragnarok PC port
    • A new FNAF
    • New Dynasty Warrior
    • Alie: Rogue Incursion
    • Path of Exile 2
    • Monster Hunter: Wilds
    • Silent Hill 2 Remake
    • Phantom Blade Zero
    • New game from Middle East
    • New VR Game
    • Until Dawn PC & PS5
    • Concord

Intriguing New IPs

The leak also hints at fresh experiences, including a new game from the Middle East and a VR title. This could be PlayStation’s chance to showcase its commitment to fostering innovation and supporting developers worldwide.

Cross-Platform Potential

The rumor of Marvel Rivals coming to consoles and God of War Ragnarok’s PC port suggests PlayStation might be exploring cross-platform opportunities, potentially expanding the reach of its popular titles.

One More Thing?

@LeakProximidad hints at a potential “one more thing” surprise announcement – a 15th title to be revealed at the very end of the presentation.

Remember, It’s a Leak

While this leak has generated disappointment/excitement, it’s important to manage expectations. Leaks aren’t always accurate, and Sony hasn’t confirmed any of these titles, YET.

PlayStation State of Play: Tonight's Leaks Get Fans Hyped X reacts
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Tune In Tonight!

The PlayStation State of Play will begin later today. Whether or not these rumors are accurate, PlayStation fans are in for an exciting evening of surprises and announcements.

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