Remnant 2: Best Weapons Per Type | Tier List

Remnant 2: Best Weapons Per Type | Tier List

When it comes to dominating Remnant 2, you need the right weapons. This tier list breaks down the top guns and melee weapons by type. We’ll rank the best in each category so you know what to hunt for. Let’s take a look at this tier list that ranks the best weapons per type in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2: Best Weapons Per Type

Understanding the tiers helps weigh your options. S-Tier weapons are strongest with unique mods. A-Tier is robust and reliable. Finally, weapons in the B-Tier can hold their own but aren’t as dominant. With that out of the way, here are the best weapons to use per type in Remnant 2!

Long Guns Tier List

Long Weapons, Remnant 2
Long Weapons, Remnant 2 (Image by Remnant 2)
  • S-Tier: Nightfall: The Nightfall assault rifle is an absolute beast. Its Dreadwalker mod gives it auto-fire, faster rate, infinite ammo, and lifesteal. Shred bosses and stay alive with this S-Tier killer.
  • A-Tier: Alpha-Omega: Love demolishing groups? Grab the Alpha-Omega railgun. Charge it up and blast enemies to lower the charge time and boost damage. The Beta Ray mod tags enemies so they explode for heavy damage. Excellent crowd control power here.
  • B-Tier: Chicago Typewriter and XMG57 Bonesaw: Unload flames and shred foes using the Chicago Typewriter LMG or XMG57 Bonesaw AR with Hot Shot. This mod ignites ammo for massive fiery destruction. Add relics and rings to push the mayhem even further!

Handguns Tier List

Handguns, Remnant 2
Handguns, Remnant 2 (Image by Remnant 2)
  • S-Tier: Sorrow Handgun: Don’t overlook the Sorrow Handgun sidearm. Its Eulogy mod lodges bolts in enemies that return to you, restoring ammo and health. Its unique healing makes the Sorrow invaluable, especially in tough biomes.
  • A-Tier: MP60-R: The MP60-R handgun brings speed and accuracy together. It tears through enemies with a fast fire rate and large mag. The Hot Shot mod ignites rounds for even more pain. It frees your long gun slot, too!
  • B-Tier: Cube Gun: It has a small mag, but its shots bounce back from hits and reload for continuous fire. Its mod creates a damage-absorbing shield that can blast stored energy at enemies. Creative and strategic!
  • B-Tier: Enigma: Love zapping entire groups? The Enigma handgun chains lightning between targets for crowd control mayhem. Its Chaos Driver mod shoots electrified rods that chain shocking damage everywhere. Electrify the battlefield with this weapon!

Melee Weapons Tier List

melee weapons, remnant 2
melee weapons, remnant 2 (Image by Reamnant 2)
  • S-Tier: Spectral Blade: The Spectral Blade katana is the apex melee weapon. Its Whirlwind mod charges up and decimates all enemies within an 8-meter radius with a flurry of slashes—unreal mobility and crowd control power.
  • A-Tier: Labyrinth Staff: Don’t overlook the Labyrinth Staff’s unique perk. Its basic and charge attacks generate more mod power to overpower enemies with abilities frequently. The AoE charge attacks hit all nearby foes as well. If you love spells, this is the perfect weapon for you.
  • B-Tier: Dreamcatcher: The Dreamcatcher longsword brings massive utility. Its Dreamwave mod releases damaging energy waves that slow enemies and buff your damage/speed. Tear through enemy groups while becoming more powerful!

What are your thoughts about our tier list on the best weapons per type in Remnant 2? If you have a recommendation, feel free to let us and other gamers know in the comments below!

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