Shadow of the Erdtree: Price, Content (spoiler free), and Length of Elden Ring’s First Major DLC

Shadow of the Erdtree: Price, Content (spoiler free), and Length of Elden Ring's First Major DLC

Elden Ring has attracted many players since release. Its difficult combats, deep stories and magnificent places have kept drawing the adventurers back to the Lands Between. And on June 21st, 2024, a good thing will happen as the first awaited DLC will finally be available; “Shadow of the Erdtree”.

Price and Availability

  • Shadow of the Erdtree is priced at $39.99 USD, which is high for DLC content.
  • The user must have Elden Ring, the basic game, to play the downloadable content. Alternatively, there’s a bundle you can purchase that has both the base game and DLC for anyone who wants to enter the Lands Between for the first time.

Content and Possible Length

Below are some of the discoveries about the DLC that have come out through exploration up to now, size of the undiscovered areas still unknown:

  • New Areas: The new content in this DLC is believed to include additional locations. The size of one of the starting areas, Limgrave, in the original version was suggested by developers as a reference point for its scale.
  • Content Depth: The developers have emphasized content density. This means new areas are packed with secrets, challenging enemies, and interesting lore to uncover.
  • Activities: More than ten new bosses are confirmed, as are many other weapons (rumored eight new categories), skills, and armor. This means, of course, there is much fresh gameplay to enjoy.

Predicting Length

The true length of the DLC will depend on your playstyle. Even though it would be quicker to just rush your way through the main content, it could take quite a while for those who want all weapons, secrets and lore.

Here’s a breakdown of possibilities:

  • Focused Playthrough: If you just focus on the main story and new bosses, it might take 15-20 hours.
  • Exploration-Heavy Playthrough: This game can go well beyond 30-40 hours if you examine every part of the new areas, pick up all the loot and items, and experiment with new builds.
  • Completionist Run: For those who want to experience everything the DLC has to offer, including maxing out a character and collecting everything, expect a playtime potentially exceeding 50 hours.

Remember, these are just estimates. How much fun you have with the new content, regions, and challenges it provides will determine the actual value of the DLC.

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