FIFA 23 top 5 best players for career mode
Who are the top 5 best U-23 players in FIFA 23 career mode? (Images via La Liga and Bundesliga)

One of the biggest selling points for the FIFA games is their career mode. Gamers either like to live the career of an upcoming star through the player career mode, or to win trophies with their club and bring it to glory in the manager career mode. You can even create your club in the newer FIFA editions. FIFA 23 is the recent release from EA for this franchise, and the career mode holds a ton of opportunities.

Manager career mode is the most popular among all the modes in FIFA. Fans love to lead their team to glory, handle the transfers business, and other club needs. The transfers are the key to making a great team, but you will not always have the budget to sign top players like Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland.

So this is a list of the top 5 U-23 talents in FIFA 23, stacking up the highest potential. They will surely cost less than Mbappe and Haaland but will perform at their level within a season or two.

FIFA 23: Top 5 youngsters with the highest potential in career mode

5) Jamal Musiala (Germany)

Jamal Musiala FIFA 23
Jamal Musiala (Image via Bundesliga)
Team FC Bayern Munich
Age 20
Position CM, LM, CAM
Current Overall 81
Potential Overall 90


Jamal Musiala has quickly developed into one of the biggest names in world football. He is one of the most vital players in the Bayern squad and generally plays as a left-midfielder.

In FIFA 23, he can play in different positions depending on your formation. Not only that, he has both 4-star skills and weak foot, with 87 dribbling. Thus if you are looking for a long-term winger who just loves to dribble past his opponents, Jamal Musiala is your man in FIFA 23.

4) Ansu Fati (Spain)

Ansu Fati
Ansu Fati (Image via Sky Sports)
Team FC Barcelona
Age 20
Position LW, ST
Current Overall 79
Potential Overall 90


Ansu Fati has been suffering through injuries quite a bit in recent times, but it is no question that he is one of the most valuable assets of Barcelona. Ansu is not just a great forward, but also a pacey one.

He has 88 pace and 82 dribbling while boasting a 4-star rating in both skills and weak foot. As he is a left-winger and a striker, he also has great positioning and a nose for goals. Thus if you want a goal-scoring but fast winger in FIFA 23, Ansu Fati is the choice.

3) Florian Wirtz (Germany)

Florian Wirtz FIFA 23
Florian Wirtz (Image via Bundesliga)
Team Bayern Leverkusen
Age 19
Position CM, CAM
Current Overall 82
Potential Overall 91


With Florian Wirtz being the MVP of Bayer Leverkusen in recent times while they continue their run in the Bundesliga, it is no wonder he has huge potential in FIFA 23.

His best position in the game is CAM where he has the most freedom to utilize his creator stats. Wirtz has 80 passing and 86 dribbling, thus a perfect option for a central pivot role on the field. He also has a 4-star skillset and weak foot and will create tons of chances for your attackers, and will even score some himself. A great choice in FIFA 23 career mode.

2) Jude Bellingham (England)

Jude Bellingham
Jude Bellingham (Image via Bundesliga)
Team Borussia Dortmund
Age 19
Position CM, CDM, CAM
Current Overall 84
Potential Overall 91


Jude Bellingham is arguably one of the best midfielders in the world right now. Compared to his age, the importance he has in both his club and the national team is immense. Getting him in FIFA 23 career mode might cost you a bit.

With already a pretty good overall, Bellingham can slot right into your team straight away. Plus, he is stacked in his stats. He has 85 dribbling, 84 short-passing, 82 long-passing, and 80 physical. And these will just get upgraded as he goes up in his overall. Thus if you need a midfielder who can play multiple positions, is strong, can carry the ball, and create chances, go for this guy surely.

1) Pedri (Spain)

Pedri (Image via La Liga)
Team FC Barcelona
Age 20
Position CM
Current Overall 85
Potential Overall 93


Another one of the costly guys on this list, Pedri will not be cheap in the career mode unless you swap him with literal Mbappe. He is one of the best midfielders in world football and the best in Barcelona. This has already made his overall 85.

With one of the highest potentials in FIFA 23, Pedri has incredible stats. He has 87 dribbling, 87 short-passing and 85 long-passing. He also has 4-star skill moves and weak foot. So if you want a box-to-box beast of a CM, that will out beautiful through balls to your attackers while keeping your defense in place, Pedri should be the right option if you can afford him. He has a potential of 93, which is one of the highest in the game.

This concludes the list of the top five U-23 talents for FIFA 23 career mode.

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