Exploring Reputation system in Diablo 4 (Image courtesy of Diablo 4)

The new Diablo 4 from Blizzard is set to release on June 6, 2023, and fans are excited about it. The game promises challenging World Tiers, exciting gameplay, and a Reputationsystem for the individual region. This regional Reputationor Renown is a key element to the game that will impact players’ progress so you might consider increasing it. 

As players progress more in the Renown system, the game offers valuable rewards to them. The reward is tied to making your character powerful as this includes skill points, Potion charges, and even Paragon points. Players should know how to increase their Renown in Diablo 4 to map down a route to become stronger as quickly as possible. 

The following guide will give you insight into how to increase your in-game renown. The quick rundown of each of the key elements of the Reputationsystem will help you conquer the Mortal Realm.

Guide to Reputation in Diablo 4 and ways to increase it 

Diablo 4 map
Diablo 4 map (Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

The Reputationsystem in the new Diablo game marks a progression that can make your character even stronger. As a player, you can earn this Renown in all 5 major regions in the game which are: 

  • Fractured Peaks
  • Scosglen 
  • Kehjistan 
  • Hawezer
  • Dry Steppes 

Now, each of the zones mentioned above has its individual Renown that players have to grind. Keep in mind that a fresh account starts with 0 points on every region. Fans of Diablo 4 will have to increase them through various task completion and exploration. The following list contains objectives in each region that grants the respective Reputationreward. 

  • Discover new area: 2 points
  • Unlock the regional Waypoints: 10 points
  • Interact and activate the Altar of Lilith: 5 points
  • Completion of Strongholds: 50 points
  • Finishing Side Quests: 15 points
  • Dungeon completions: 20 points


As Diablo fans grind their way through some of these Renown points, they should optimize their journey. Firstly, decide on routes that will allow you to collect as many points as possible. Secondly, Complete all the Dungeons properly that are within the side quest to get the reward for both. Finally, events and cellars do not offer Renown points so you can skip them.

Renown rewards 


As players embark upon collecting Renown points in Diablo 4, they have to reach a certain threshold to unlock the rewards. Do keep in mind that there are account-wide bonuses and a character-specific reward for each of the stages. Here is a detailed list of the account-wide rewards that are available in the game. 

Renown Threshold  Account-wide bonuses 
80 points + 1 Skill Point
100 points + 1 Potion Charge
120 points + 1 Skill Point
200 points + 1 Skill Point
300 points + 4 Paragon Points 

As for the character-specific reward, each stage grants Bonus XP and 10,000 Gold depending on Character Level. 

A total of 800 points from each zone should give you all the Reputationbonuses. This reward system is a huge boost to the Diablo 4 experience as players can retain the points after switching characters. The new character can now begin with the total 15 Skill Points achieved during the previous run. 


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