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When and how to Salvage your Gear in Diablo 4 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Action RPG games like Diablo 4 are always about handling your items well, keeping your coin purse filled, and upgrading your gear. Thus, making sure to constantly check your inventory is something you must always do to beat such games. After the commencement of the Diablo 4 open beta, the fans are desperate to play the full game and enjoy every feature it has to offer.

One such feature is salvaging your gear. Although selling your gear might be tempting for the gold, salvaging has its own perks. You can get resources from your weapons and armor which will unlock the Transmog system to change the look of your gear.

In this article, you will know, when and how to salvage your gear.

Diablo 4: A guide to salvaging your gear

When to salvage your gear?

First, you will have to be at least a level 5 character, as you will have to reach Kyovashad, at the end of the prologue. Once you reach here, you will have access to all the vendors in the city. The Blacksmith will be one of them. He will be the one you have to interact with in order to start salvaging your gear. You will find him at the hammer and anvil icon on your map. It is located just south of the waypoint.

You can do this whenever you want in Diablo 4 as blacksmiths are not just confined within Kyovashad. They can be found all over Sanctuary, in major cities, or small settlements. You can also find them at strongholds. So if you ever want to access the Transmog system in the game so that you can change the way your gear looks, and you lack some resources, head to the nearest Blacksmith to salvage your gear.

How to salvage your gear?

Salvaging your gear in Diablo 4 is very easy. Just interact with the Blacksmith and follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are in the Blacksmith’s menu screen.
  • You can individually salvage your gear, or you can do it to all the unequipped items in your inventory, barring Legendary and Unique items.
  • You can mark unwanted items as “junk” before salvaging them to make your work easier.

You will receive resources from the item and the gems that were fitted in it after you salvage an item. It will be available in the Transmog system so you can also change the appearance of any equipped item into the gear you just salvaged.

This was all you had to know about how and when to salvage your gear.

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