Will Counter-Strike 2 be free?

CS2 Blue theme

Counter-Strike 2 will be a massive upgrade to the already existing CS:GO coming in Summer 2023. While CS:GO initially had a paid model, it turned free-to-play later on. This again raises the question if the sequel would be paid in early phases.

Luckily, Counter-Strike 2 will be completely free for everyone, however, Prime status will cost the players if they don’t have it in CS:GO. Apart from that, everyone can play the game when it releases.

What is new in Counter-Strike 2: Various features explored

Counter-Strike 2 will feature a new game engine called Source 2, which had been used in Half Life: Alyx – a VR game developed by Valve. This engine has shown major improvement in visuals and gameplay feel overall.

When Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released, the map showed a complete difference in terms of layout. However, with CS2, the classic maps will be completely the same as seen on CS:GO. The only difference would be visually, as the newer game feels more brighter and moody than the previous title.

Other than that, players will also get a new smoke system that interacts with gunfires and explosions. The smokes in CS2 will have their own 3D volumetric system, which didn’t exist in the series or any other competitive shooters. This changes how players will interact with smoked situations in competitive matches, bringing freshness to the genre.

Valve also revealed brand new 128-tick official servers, which will be more responsive than the earlier 64-tick servers. This means that whatever shots and movements players go through will be reflected exactly the same way in the game. This feature has been heavily requested for a long time and is finally making a debut this summer.

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