Nintendo Direct September 2023
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Many are eagerly looking forward to Nintendo Direct. Although there isn’t an official date announced for the upcoming Nintendo Direct, there’s a circulating rumor suggesting it will occur in September 2023. So, the question arises: Is this rumor accurate? Will there indeed be a Nintendo Direct in September 2023? Furthermore, will it reveal the much-anticipated Switch 2? This article aims to provide the answers.

Nintendo Direct September 2023

Nintendo appears to be gearing up for a fresh Direct conference set for September. Recent reports indicate that despite their recent Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct in late August, Nintendo intends to host a comprehensive Direct presentation sometime later this month.

  • This information comes from a reputable data miner, @NateTheHate2 on X, who suggests that the September Nintendo Direct will arrive “soon-ish.” 

  • Furthermore, a Brazilian website, Universo Nintendo, hints at a Nintendo Direct presentation occurring between September 11, 2023, and September 15, 2023.

Universo Nintendo is uncertain about the format of this presentation and whether it will be a full-scale Nintendo Direct, a mini Direct, or a partner showcase. 

  • Considering Nintendo’s release schedule for the remainder of the year, it could lean towards a smaller Direct. 
  • However, given the lack of announcements for early 2024, a full-fledged Direct isn’t out of the question.

Clearly, if Nintendo does indeed hold a Direct conference in September, fans will be eagerly anticipating a reveal of the rumored Switch 2 ahead of its anticipated release next year. Several sources had hinted at a summer 2023 unveiling for the Nintendo Switch’s successor.

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Is Switch 2 Reveal Possible?

Nintendo Direct Switch 2
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Nintendo fans have been eagerly looking forward to the possibility of a Switch 2 announcement during a Nintendo Direct. However, the chances of such a revelation are quite slim.

  • It’s highly unlikely that we’ll catch a glimpse of the Nintendo Switch 2 or any potential successor during the rumored Nintendo Direct this September. 
  • It’s important to note that new Nintendo hardware typically receives a dedicated reveal event rather than being introduced as part of a regular Direct presentation.

What to expect if there is a Nintendo Direct this September?

Nintendo Direct September 2023
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As the Nintendo Switch approaches the end of its lifecycle, the company has relatively few announced games slated for release.

However, the rumored September 2023 Nintendo Direct is expected to reveal some exciting titles. Here’s a glimpse of what you can anticipate:

  • Princess Peach Game: Nintendo has previously disclosed that an untitled Princess Peach game is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch in 2024.
  • Detective Pikachu: With the October 6 release date approaching, we can look forward to seeing more about the return of Detective Pikachu.
  • Super Mario RPG Remake: The remake of Super Mario RPG, which has generated significant anticipation, is scheduled for release later this year.
  • Metroid Prime 4: Fans are still eagerly awaiting Metroid Prime 4’s release on Nintendo Switch, and it’s expected to be a significant title in the console’s final lineup.
  • Donkey Kong: Leaks have hinted at an upcoming Donkey Kong game announcement, adding to the excitement surrounding potential new releases.

While Nintendo may have a few major first-party releases officially announced, these upcoming titles should provide plenty of excitement and entertainment for fans in the coming months.

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