Wuthering Waves: Echoes | All you need to know

Wuthering Waves: Echoes | All you need to know

Wuthering Waves’ primary gameplay element, echoes provide your characters special skills and stat increases. You will learn everything there is to know about Echoes from this tutorial.

What are Echoes?

Echoes are essentially captured essences of powerful enemies you encounter. Each Echo, categorized into various classes like Common, Elite, Overlord, and Calamity, grants:

  • Stat Boosts: Enhance your character’s attributes like attack power, defense, or health.
  • Unleash a powerful skill that is exclusive to the Echo.

Obtaining Echoes

  • Defeated Enemies: Those shimmering outlines that enemies leave behind are called Echoes! Interact to gather.
  • Tacet Fields: You can increase your chances of finding rare Echoes by visiting certain late-game areas.
  • Equipping: Assign Echoes to your characters, granting them the associated stat boosts and abilities.
  • Echo Sets: Some Echoes belong to sets. Tactic combinations are encouraged by the additional benefits that come from equipping numerous Echoes from the same set.
  • Data Bank Level: Your data bank’s level determines how rare the Echoes are that you can obtain. Stronger Echoes are accessible at higher levels.

Mastering Echoes

  • Try out several Echo combinations to see which suits your playstyle and team composition the best.
  • Upgrading Echoes: Use duplicate Echoes or special items to enhance their power and effectiveness.
  • Resource Management: Prioritize high-rarity Echoes, but don’t neglect stat-boosting ones for a well-rounded build.

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