Wuthering Waves: Fast Travel Explained

Wuthering Waves Fast Travel

Exploring Solaris-3 is a breeze with Wuthering Waves’ fast travel system! Here’s how it works:

Unlocking Fast Travel Points

  • Resonance Beacons: These are scattered throughout the world. Interact to activate and unlock fast travel access. Look for the blue icons on your map to identify activated Beacons.
  • Resonance Nexuses: Rarer and larger versions of Beacons, offer fast travel in addition to healing your party and reviving fallen members.

Using Fast Travel

  1. Open your World Map.
  2. Select the Beacon or Nexus you want to travel to.
  3. Confirm your choice and voila! You’ll be teleported instantly.

Bonus Tip

  • Inactive Beacons will appear as grey icons on your map, helping you track down undiscovered fast travel points.
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