Wuthering Waves: Tower of Adversity | Explained

Wuthering Waves: Tower of Adversity | Explained

The Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves is a difficult endgame dungeon designed to test your resolve and reward you generously. With the help of this article, you will be able to understand what the Tower of Adversity is all about.

Unlocking the Challenge

Before facing the Tower’s trials, you’ll need to prove yourself:

  • Union Level 15: Gain experience through quests and challenges to reach this level.
  • The “Alone in the Abyss” quest leads you to the site of the Tower and becomes available when you reach Level 15.

The Tower’s Structure

The Tower is divided into three zones, each offering a steeper difficulty curve:

  • Stable Zone (Beginner): Four levels featuring enemies up to level 50. Ideal for getting acquainted with the Tower’s mechanics. Completing this zone unlocks the Experimental Zone.
  • Intermediate-level Experimental Zone: Test your skills against more formidable foes and modifications.
  • Hazard Zone (Advanced): Only for the most seasoned Resonators. Prepare for brutal challenges and the best rewards.

Conquering Each Zone

Here are some general tips to conquer each zone:

  • Understanding Modifiers: Each level comes with random modifiers that alter gameplay. Be prepared to adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Choose a team composition of resonators such that the benefits and drawbacks of each are balanced. Consider including tanks, healers, and damage dealers in your team for a well-rounded lineup.
  • Echo Abilities: Utilize your Resonators’ unique Echo Abilities strategically to overcome challenges.
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