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Is WWE 2K23 on Xbox Game Pass? (Image via 2K Sports)

For Wrestling fans, WWE 2K23 is no stranger and got released on March 14 this year. The game is available on major platforms like PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Now, since most games are now released with Xbox Game Pass, the question raises if the latest game is available as nothing was said by 2K Sports.

To everyone’s disappointment, WWE 2K23 isn’t available on Xbox Game Pass, so the only option that remains is buying the game. However, if anyone buys the game on their Xbox One, players can get it on their Series X|S through the smart delivery feature.

No, WWE 2K23 is not available with Xbox Game Pass

Since WWE 2K23 has been released recently, it is hard to find it coming to Xbox Game Pass soon. However, there are chances that the game might make it to Xbox’s subscription service later on.

The game is also not available on Nintendo Switch, despite the earlier version performed pretty well on the earlier version. But, there are chances that the game might be ported later on down the line to satisfy fans playing on Nintendo Switch.

As the game series is widely popular across platforms, there are chances that it might be made available to Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, the game has the least number of bugs compared to previous iterations, which increases the chance of it being more successful.

At the moment 2K Sports is mainly focusing on a stable experience on all released platforms. Doing so the developers aren’t pressurized enough and make them less likely to mess up. This promise might the reason why the game wasn’t released on Nintendo Switch in the first place.

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