GamingGodz Valorant tournament
GamingGodz have many tournaments including Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Jorhat Engineering College of Assam is hosting its biggest gaming event of 2023 called GamingGodz. Some of the highlighted events are Valorant, FIFA 22, Injustice 2, and other tournaments. The entire event will last from March 31 to April 2, 2023, and you should be excited for it as a gamer.

The total prize pool set for the event is 50,000 INR and will highlight youths of the gaming industry. To know more about the event, this article will be explaining everything you need to know about the biggest gaming event happening in North-East India.

Event dates and timing of GamingGodz

The prelims of the event will be happening on March 31, 2023, and consist of games like Valorant, Injustice 2, FIFA 22 and many more. As of now all the events have a total of more than 30 teams and would be a spectacle view for the North-East India gaming community to watch them all play. The timing of the event will be informed to the participants by the organizing committee of GamingGodz at Jorhat Engineering College of Assam. (For more updates, keep following the page)

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Exciting prizes and goodies to look out for

Jorhat Engineering College of Assam’s GamingGodz event won’t just be giving prizes to the winners. If you’re a spectator or participant, go ahead and participate in other events happening and get a chance to win exciting goodies.

Also, look out for the Limited Edition gamer T-Shirt that will surely make you standout in the crowd. If you’re a hardcore gamer, the T-Shirt completely speaks your soul and help you show it off.

How do you reach the GamingGodz event at Jorhat Engineering College of Assam?

The entire gaming will be happening on the college campus. Here is the location you need to reach the venue. For directions, look at the text given below the map.

If you are coming to GamingGodz event from Garmur Road, you’ll be on the Eastern side. Simply walk toward the direction where All India Radio is situated, and you’ll find the entrance opposite the SBI ATM. For people coming from the AIR side, simply do the opposite and look for the entrance.

The direction is even simpler if you’re coming from Golaghat Shoppe side. Reach the shopping mall and take a small walk to Akshaypatra Foundation. After reaching the venue, walk straight down the road and you’ll reach the destination.

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