Free Fire World Esports Cup Registration for India, Pakistan and Nepal Begin

The only thing gamers love more than their favorite games is gaming tournaments of their favorite games. Esports have grown exponentially in the past few years and now have even been added to Asian Games and possibly the Olympics in upcoming years.

Southeast Asia’s Premier Championship Registrations Begin

Southeast Asia’s tri-nation esports tournament will begin soon and will be played between gamers from India, Pakistan, and Nepal. It is among the first tournaments under the World Esports Cup of Free Fire.

  • Smartphone maker Infinix Smartphones is the title sponsor for the inaugural edition as the registration of WEC’21.
  • The registrations will begin on Saturday, 23rd October 2021 as the athletes from across the three regions can register themselves till November 23. To register yourself click here now.

“The primary goal of the World Esports Cup will be to give gamers a chance to represent one’s own country, something not everyone gets to do quite often in the esports community in the South Asia region in one of the most popular Battle Royale game,” the press release stated.

The tournament will feature a massive prize pool of $100k!

The Esports athletes from the three countries will get the opportunity to compete virtually in open qualifiers to take a shot at becoming the champion of South-East Asia.

The tournament will get live-streamed on official YouTube and Facebook channels of India Today and Aaj Tak as well as on their websites. Infinix Smartphones will be providing multiple upgrades and innovations for an unparalleled and exceptional gaming experience. We will also see the Dar Link game boost technology in action at the tournament. Dark Link enhances the gaming interaction and visual experience in heavy-duty Games like Free Fire.

Tournament Format

Garena Free Fire
Free Fire, Courtesy of Garena
  • The tournament will be played over a period of three whole months. It will have an initial round of two open and closed qualifiers across the three countries.
  • It will screen the best 24 squads from each of the three countries i.e., India, Nepal, and Pakistan.
  • After that, the respective countries will feature internal matches to get their best 12 squads. These 12 squads will enter region finals to finally get their top 4 squads.
  • In the Grand Finals, the top 4 squads from each of the three countries will face each other to see who’s the best. They will have to showcase their strategies, coordination, and tactical skills to decide the winner. In this inaugural edition of WEC fans will witness 33+ Days of streaming.

This is a great opportunity for the players of these regions to represent and win for their country at an international level. Apart from that, they can also take a huge amount of money back with them. One thing is for sure, the future of Esports is very bright and Free Fire is making all the right choices in that area.

(All the information in this article was provided by the PR Team of the World Esports Cup via Press Release. Our sincere thanks to them for reaching out to us!)

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