Genshin Impact leaked characters: Exploring details about Wriothesley, Linette, and Lyney

Linette and Lyney from Genshin Impact

What was initially thought of as Varka turned out to be someone else in Genshin ImpactWriothesley is the talk of the community as of late due to a series of rumored character appearances. He is believed to be a citizen of Fontaine and his details will be explored further in the article. 

Mero, a trusted leaker, confirmed that the floating description of Varka belongs to Wriothesley. Some crucial details about Linette and Lyney were also disclosed and now Travelers are excited about the future. Follow on to learn more about the leaks that are circulating in the game’s community for the upcoming characters from Fontaine. 

Disclaimer: The information present in this article is based on leaks and is thus subject to change.  

New leaks surrounding Wriothesley, Linette, and Lyney from Genshin Impact

Rumors about Varka’s release and his appearance have been floating in the community. They were started by Tao’s tweet, which stated that he will appear in the Genshin Impact 3.8. At the time, players knew of Varka as a bearded old Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius. However, the mentioned leaks did not align with his known visuals.

Here, it has been stated that the leaked character is a beardless young individual. This in itself can be a little confusing for the community. Things became clearer after Mero tweeted the following.

It was clarified that the description belongs to Wriothesley from Genshin Impact’s Fontaine region. What was assumed to be Varka did not have the ‘coat of arms’ further backing up Mero’s statement. So far, all the Knights of Favonius introduced in the game bear the sigil. For reference Jean, Klee, Kaeya, and many others carry the symbol on their coat.

A Reddit user shared more data on Wriothesley (assumed to be Varka), which highlights his following characteristics. 

  • Black Hair
  • Razor-like complexion 
  • Goth Werewolf aesthetics 

The user also attached some snippets from other games to help with the visualization.

When asked about the character’s vision, Mero revealed that he is set to be a Cryo user. However, it is too early to presume the element given that developers can change it anytime they want. 

The Twitter user shared his illustration of Wriothesley aligning with the rumored description. It can be safely said that his appearance is unlike anything that players have seen in the game. So far, his character shares a unique color palette which, however, is subject to change until HoYoverse releases official news.

Linette and Lyney 

Leaks about the two of the most anticipated Fontaine characters, Linette and Lyney, have been brought forth by the reliable Mero.

Linette will be a 4-star sword user that will be added to the game after Fontaine’s release. It is also mentioned that she will be an Anemo user. There is no information on her abilities as of yet, so players will have to wait for a little more to know about them.

Surprisingly enough Lyney will be a 5-star character in the game, and leaks suggest that he is going to be a Pyro Bow user. His abilities are not mentioned but his rarity suggests that he will be a strong unit in the game.

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