Windblume's Breath
The Iconic Windblume Festival (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)


The story of the Genshin Impact Winblume’s Breath is complete with the release of its Final Act. Upon completing the quest, players will get to know a lot about Collei and Sucrose’s personality as they bond throughout the festival. The game also introduces fans to the Strongest Mages of Hexenzirkel through Alice’s perspective, which concludes the Windblume journey.

There are a handful of characters who are significant to the festival’s story that fans will be interested in interacing with. Here are the locations of each one of them by the end of Act 3.

Winblume character locations in Genshin Impact by the end of the Final Act

Amber, Eula, Sucrose, and Collei

Amber, Eula, Sucrose and Collei in Windblume Final Act Amber, Eula, Sucrose, and Collei (Image courtesy of GosuNoob/Youtube)This group of strong females in Genshin Impact can be spotted beside the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. The best way to reach this place is to teleport to the top of the headquarters and glide towards the nearest windmill to reach the location.

It should be noted that players cannot interact with every single one of them, but they can hear the conversation taking place between them. While Amber brings home-cooked food for everyone, Sucrose shares her comments on the seasoning. The topic soon changes from food to TCG, where it is revealed that Collei is a great player in Genshin Impact.

Cyno in Windblume Genshin Impact
Albedo at the Good Hunter restaurant balcony (Image courtesy of Gosunoob/Youtube)

Cyno was available in the story from the very beginning. Players become more familiar with his thinking upon completion of the Final Act. He can be seen sitting outside Cat’s Tail, waiting to challenge anyone to a TCG match upon interaction.


Albedo at the Windblume Festival

The Chalk Prince might not seem like a foodie, but he can be seen in the Good Hunter restaurant’s balcony in the Genshin Impact world. Everyone seems to be excited about the renowned card game and Albedo is no exception. Travelers can interact with him to learn about his opinion on the game.


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Venti is a staple in any festival in Mondstadt, as he is the Archon of the land after all. Fans might not be surprised to find him sitting at his drinking spot outside Angel’s Share. His interaction is rather unique as he recites one of his poems in the Final Act.

Timaeus and Ying’er

Timaeus and Ying’er in Genshin Impact Windblume Final Act
Timaeus and Ying’er near the Alchemy table (Image courtesy of GosuNoob/Youtube)

Timaeus couldn’t be happier as Ying’er came from Liyue to visit him. They will be available near his Alchemy table. Travelers will be able to interact with them to witness the brewing romance between the two characters.

Klee and Mona

Klee and Mona in Windblume Final Act
Klee and Mona at the Starfell Lake(Image courtesy of GosuNoob/Youtube)

The location for Klee and Mona is outside the city at the Starfell Valley Statue of Seven. This is the iconic place where the Genshin Impact journey begins for a new player. The characters are interactable, and by doing so, one gets to learn what they think about each other.

Mika and Tighnari

Mika and Tighnari in Windblume Final Act
Adventurous duo (Image courtesy of GosuNoob/Youtube)

Tighnari and Mika share similar interests in adventure and exploration, which can be understood after listening to their conversation. As of now, their location is north of the Statue of Seven, near Dawn Winery.

Genshin Impact Players should complete the Final Act and interact with their favorite character given the opportunity. They will not be at their locations after the timer for Winblume’s Breath ends.

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