Momoka's Illustration (Image courtesy of Twitter/@genshinmains_)

There has been a lot of discussion going on in the Genshin Impact community about the leaks of an upcoming “Geo catgirl” character. Her name is Momoka and fans can finally witness a concrete concept art sharing a close resemblance to her description. It is important to note that her features might change as the information was not officially revealed by miHoYo.

With the recent trend in Genshin Impact, players are always looking forward to reliable leaks and news of the future updates. As per trustworthy sources, Momoka is reported to arrive in patch 3.7 and will share the attributes of a catgirl. Follow along as this article explores additional leaks and rumors about the new Geo character.

Momoka the "Geo catgirl"
Momoka’s character art resembling her description (Image courtesy of Twitter user @sxnpxisus)

Genshin Impact leaks: Details about Geo catgirl Momoka, her character description, and more   

Artists in the community have been able to generate a close illustration of Momoka based on recent leaks. Despite any official information from the developers, the character art has been circulated throughout the Genshin Imapct community.

Another momoka image with a full side view from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

The above Reddit link shows what her final character will potentially look like in the game. As of now, everything that the community knows is based on rumors and the artwork is nothing but a speculated resemblance.
One of the trusted Genshin Impact leakers, Kuroo, agreed on her tails being real, which only time will confirm. Her color palate matches Gorou in many ways, while rumors highlight that her body type might be similar to that of Nilou.

Momoka is speculated to be a 5-star Geo character upon release. Additionally, she might be shifted to the Standard Banner, which will make her the first 5-star Geo unit on the Wanderlust Invocation.

Another renowned leaker, Mero, shared her potential kit in the game. She will likely be a sword user in Teyvat, who can grant a shield to her allies in a manner that is similar to Zhongli. Moreover, players will get the ability to tap or hold her shield, similar to Dionna.

So far, there has been no news on her Elemental Burst, but her main role has been deemed to be a shielder. More information will follow once she becomes available on closed-beta servers.

Potential release date for Momoka

When it comes to her release date, most of the official information is unknown. However, leaks suggest that her banner will be available in Genshin Impact patch 3.7. Now, miHoyo drops a major update every 42 days, with a banner duration of 21 days in both the halves. Upon calculating the trend, Momoka’s banner might drop on the given dates:

  • First half of the patch: May 24, 2023
  • Second half of the patch: June 14, 2023

Once again, there is no official news from the developers regarding Momoka. Most of the hype around the character has risen due to trusted leakers and speculations. Nonetheless, fans are eagerly waiting to get a new “Geo catgirl” in the game.

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