Honkai Star Rail Path of Abundance
How to unlock the Path of Abundance in Honkai Star Rail (Image via HoYoLAB)

Honkai Star Rail is the latest title from the developers of the highly revered Genshin Impact, HoYoverse. It is s turn-based RPG situated in Space and has already acquired an enormous fanbase. 

There are seven paths in the game which you can base your character on. These are much like character classes in various RPG games. This article is all about the Path of Abundance which is one of the most important paths in the game. It is the path of the healer as it is essential to keep your allies’ HP topped up during combat. Hence, keep reading this article to know how to easily unlock the Path of Abundance in Honkai Star Rail.

A comprehensive guide to unlocking the Path of Abundance in Honkai Star Rail

Path of Abundance in Honkai Star Rail
Kafka boss fight (Image via youtube.com/Mobile Game)

The prime and most significant step in unlocking the Path of Abundance is to defeat the main boss in World 5 of the Simulated Universe. These are combat challenges that involve six worlds where you have to fight and clear out all six with your team to complete the entire batch.

Carrying Blessings, which are basically buffs during the events in the Simulated Universe is highly important for clearing out the bosses. For example, the main boss in World 5, Kafka, is a tough enemy who requires a large amount of Path Abundance Blessings to be defeated. These buffs will remove any status effects afflicted on your allies during the boss fight. Keep in mind that using Preservations Blessings is highly important in this boss fight. This will increase your defensive stats to tank most of the physical damage dealt by Kafka. Once you defeat Kafka, you will finally unlock the Path of Abundance.

This was everything you had to know to unlock the Path of Abundance in Honkai Star Rail.

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