How the International 2019 Broke Records with the Prize Pool

The International 9

The International 2019 Dota 2 tournament has really broken records this year with its prize pool. This event is an annual one that has been going on for almost a decade, with this being already the ninth edition. As the concluding tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit, the adrenaline is high for those who can’t wait to see who will take the big prize home. On the other hand, bettors can barely wait to engage in Dota 2 bets as well.

But something unprecedented has happened before this year’s edition, something that considerably increased the amount of money in the prize pool. 

How Much Was the Prize Pool at the Beginning?

At the very first, the prize pool was very small compared to the amount it is now. It was a total of $1,600,000 USD, which then would be given to the winner, depending on who made it to the top.

How Much Is the Prize Pool Now?

As we speak, the total amount of money in the prize pool is way bigger than you’d imagine. It has increased to $19,534,154 USD, meaning a total of $17,934,154 USD was added. 

What Has Caused This Sudden Increase?

It is not really such a big surprise that the prize pool didn’t stay the same, and it has actually grown quite a lot. During precedent years, this growth has occurred too, and it was bigger with each year that passed. With that said, the winners of every championship have received even more money than those prior to them.

But what led to this? The answer is simple – Battle Passes. Ever since they were introduced, players have purchased them to gain various items that will make the gameplay more fun. This year’s edition, however, has surpassed the $15 million mark in just about three weeks after the Compendium was released. 

Ever since the start of this annual competition, the prize pool tracker has gathered data about these increases, and so far, the pool has increased 839.92%. This year, though, the increase has broken a record. In less than 24 hours, the pool has grown by $2 million compared to the precedent year. The process has started once the Battle Passes were put on sale.

This was also something that made Dota 2 players even happier because it serves as proof that the community is very much alive and growing with each passing year. 

What Can We Expect?

Considering this outstanding growth in the amount of money, we can expect the pool to increase even more. Last year’s prize pool was $25.5 million, so there are great chances of this year’s edition surpassing it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a huge fan of Dota 2, then you must definitely be very hype to see the event and find out who will be the one to take home the big prize. You can do this in August and you also have the chance of winning Dota 2 bet money by using online bookmakers – so, this year looks very bright.

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