Mothim in Pokemon GO
Mothim is availabe to catch in the Festival of Colors. (Image via Niantic)

The Festival of Colors is back for its second run in Pokemon GO. It will run from Wednesday, March 8, 2023, to Tuesday, March 14, 2023, and feature several bonuses, tasks, and two new Pokemon debuts, Bruxish and Mega Medicham. There are also raids and numerous monsters abundantly roaming in the wild that can be encountered.

With various opportunities in play, there are also some special collection tasks. Among these, you are asked to catch and evolve the colorful Pocket Monster, Mothim. You will be rewarded with 2000 XP and a Lure Module upon completing these tasks.

However, there’s a tricky part — you cannot catch Mothim like any other Pokemon as it demands something more than the traditional approach. This article will guide you on the proper steps to catch the critter during the Pokemon GO event.

Pokemon GO Festival of Colors 2023: A guide to catch Burmy and evolve it into Mothim

Mothim appearing in Pokemon GO
Mothim, as it appears to be in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Mothim is a dual Bug/Flying-type monster with a max CP of 2052 in Pokemon GO. The fighter boasts a powerful stat spread of 185 Attack Power, 98 Defense Power, and 172 Stamina Power. Compared to its attack and stamina, its defense is lackluster, making it an average battle-performer.

The first thing to know is that Mothim evolves from Burmy, so you should focus on acquiring a Burmy first. It is also available to catch in the Pokemon GO Festival of Colors collection challenge tasks. During this event, the Pocket Monster’s spawn rate is heavily boosted and you will have a higher chance of encountering it than on regular days.

Since Burmy’s evolution is affected by its gender, the critter you catch will evolve into a Plant Wondering if it is female. If it is a male, it will evolve into a Mothim. It is important to note that the evolution process requires 50 Burmy Candy in both scenarios.

Burmy Candy in Pokemon GO is hard to get on regular days. The good news is that the creature will spawn much more frequently during this event, presenting you with high chances of an encounter.

There are three different types of this critter: Sandy, Plant, and Trash, and catching any of these will reward you with Burmy Candy. This will be the case until the Pokemon GO Festival of Colors event ends.

Burmy variants in Pokemon GO
Different variants of Burmy in the Festival of Colors event. (Image via Niantic)

One simple method to collect more Candy is to use Pinap Berries whenever you encounter a Burmy and send any duplicates to the professor. Another way to obtain more material for the Bug-type evolutionary line is by making it your Buddy Pokemon and walking with it.

That said, identifying the gender of Burmy can be confusing. For that, catch it and verify it on the storage box. You can tell the gender of a Pokemon by looking at the info panel, the rightward-tilted arrow refers to a male, and the downward-facing “addition” sign indicates a female.

Finally, once you acquire the required amount of Burmy Candy, you must evolve your male critter. And voila! You will now have a Mothim in your roster. That is all you need to follow to get your hands on this evolution during this event, so go out and hunt for Burmy as much as you can.

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