Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image via Team Ninja)

Soulslike games like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are known for their challenging bosses, making them fun to tackle. Defeating all the top enemies in Team Ninja’s latest title will finally lead players to Blindfolded Boy.

To defeat each boss in the game, players have to adapt themselves to the challenges posed and fight accordingly. So, this article will guide them by providing tips on how they can defeat the final boss of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How to defeat the final boss of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

While most bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have two phases, Blindfolded Boy only has one. However, this singular stage is difficult enough and requires a lot of skills. Since there is no set method to defeat him, the approach will vary from player to player. So, instead of providing a single way, the following are some of the tips you should remember.

Learning his movesets

Blindfolded Boy boss fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Keep your distance (Image via Team Ninja)

There are multiple movesets or attack patterns that Blindfolded Boy unleashes upon his foes. As a player, you must learn each of his moves by heart and plan your attacks accordingly.

Since the game features fast-paced combat, it is important to not hesitate before making a decision. It is also suggested to keep your distance from the boss, as he doesn’t grant much time to make a countermove.

Deflecting attacks and landing fatal blows

Blindfolded Boy boss fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Landing a fatal hit makes it easier to defeat Blindfolded Boy (image via Team Ninja)

One common feature that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has with Nioh is the deflection of attacks to weaken enemies. However, the deflection delay between inputs isn’t instantaneous like Nioh, but instead is half a second.

So, players have to time their deflections to avoid damage and stagger him to land a fatal blow. While these aren’t enough to kill him instantly, instead they are strong enough to damage him quite a lot.

In case you feel not confident enough to deflect an attack, feel free to dodge and create some distance to wait for the next parry window. It is crucial to be patient during this fight, so it is suggested that you take things slow.

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