Sylveon in Pokemon GO
Sylveon is featured in this April’s Spring into Spring event adorned with Cherry Blossoms.

The Fairy-type monster Sylveon is one of the most beloved Eeveelutions in Pokemon GO. Niantic released it in May 2021 and since then it has been featured in multiple promotions across the game, including April 2023’s Spring into Spring event.

Originally found in the Kalos region, the Gen 5 monster is a prized possession for the players. Eevee and its multiple evolutions are used for various purposes, from their appearance to battle prowess. To get a Sylveon in Pokemon GO, it’s essential to fulfill specific in-game challenges like earning hearts while making it a Buddy Pokemon. In this article, we will discuss the various ways to obtain this monster.

Pokemon GO guide: Exploring 2 ways to evolve Eevee into Sylveon  

Sylveon evolution in Pokemon GO
There are two known ways to evolve Eevee into Sylveon, Nickname Trick and Buddy System. (Image via Niantic)

There are two approaches to evolving Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO. One involves a Nickname trick and the other is the Buddy system. Players can use the former only once and only for certain evolutions as well. In this case, changing Eevee’s nickname to Kira will do the trick. Once it is set, feeding it 25 Eevee candies will evolve it into Sylveon. 

Although there is no official reason behind the name Kira, fans speculate its connection to the Japanese phrase “Kira-Kira,” meaning Gleamy or Shiny. This name fits the monster’s features and its bright-colored appearance.

The other way is to make the preferred Eevee buddy and obtain 70 hearts. After making it a buddy, players can obtain hearts in the following ways:

  • Trainers can earn up to three hearts every day by walking 2km with their Eevee.
  • Feeding Eevee with berries every day gains up to three hearts. There should be a gap of one hour between each treat.
  • Playing with your Eevee.
  • Participating with Eevee in battles such as PvP leagues, Team Rocket Grunt/Leader Battles, Gyms, and Raids also earns three hearts every day.
  • Taking a snapshot of your Eevee in AR mode.
  • Visiting new places, which involves spinning a new Pokestop or Gym.

Players can collect a minimum of 12 hearts by completing all the activities every day, which means it takes six days to reach 70 hearts. Feeding Poffins to the Pocket Monster will shorten the days.

More About Sylveon in Pokemon GO

Eevee and its evolutions in Pokemon GO
Sylveon has only two weaknesses, Poison and Steel-type attacks. (Image via Niantic)

One of the final evolutions of Eevee, Sylveon is a mono Fairy-type monster. This Eeveelution has a max CP of 3470 with 203 Attacks, 205 Defense, and 216 Stamina in Pokemon GO. Its best moveset combines Quick Attack and Dazzling Gleam to deal 11.67 DPS. Despite being weak against Poison and Steel-type attacks, it can fairly resist Dragon, Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type attacks.

Apart from Sylveon, Eevee has seven other evolutions, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Glaceon, and Lefeon. Each has its distinct ways of evolving. 

That’s all for Eevee and its evolution Sylveon on Pokemon GO. This is your chance to catch ’em all and become a true Pokemon GO master. Ready for this new Season 10: Rising Heroes, trainers?

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