How to Evolve Pokemon by Trading in Pokemon GO? April 2023

Niantic offers different ways of evolving fighters in Pokemon GO. Players receive a certain amount of candies for each Pocket Monster they catch in the game. Those candies have multiple purpose like unlocking Second Charged attacks, powering up, purifying, and one of which is evolving monsters. However, there is also another way to evolve some of them, which is through Trading.

Pokemon GO introduced Trading in 2022 allowing players to share their monsters with others. This feature also enabled players to collect region-specific or unique monsters to complete their Pokedex. But not all fighters can evolve by trading, only a few are eligible. Evolution through trading is free, the only cost being Stardust required to trade the specific monster. That said, this article covers how to evolve monsters by trading and lists the eligible ones.

How to Evolve Monsters by Trading in Pokemon GO 2023

Stardust in Pokemon GO
Evolving through this feature only costs Stardust which is required to trade for a specific Pocket Monster. (Image via Niantic)

The number of monsters that can evolve through trade has increased to 11 since this April 2023. These monsters don’t evolve right after trading; instead, the requirement of candies for evolving reduces to zero. Players can use their candies for other purposes since this process only requires Stardust.

Players should first find a trainer willing to trade, and they should have the necessary amount of Stardust. Additionally, both trainers should reach level 10 and be within close physical proximity of 100 meters to trade.

Once players trade the monster with their friends, the receiver sees the trade icon appearing next to the Evolve option. This icon indicates that the creature can evolve through trading without candy requirements. It is important to note that the creature once traded cannot be traded back to its original owner.

Monsters that eligible for Trade Evolution in Pokemon GO 2023

Boldore in Pokemon GO
Boldore is one of the monsters that can evolve through trade. (Image via Niantic)

The monsters eligible for this process can also evolve using candies if this option is preferable to players. After trading desired fighters, the evolution process will complete normally, and the evolved form will have high CP and HP.

In addition to this, if any of these monsters are shiny, they won’t lose their Shiny form while evolving. These are the 11 monsters that are eligible for trade evolution.

  • Gurdurr evolves into Conkeldurr
  • Machoke evolves into Machamp
  • Graveler evolves into Golem
  • Adabra evolves into Alakazam
  • Alolan Graveler evolves into Alolan Golem
  • Boldore evolves into Gigalith
  • Pumpkaboo evolves into Gourgeist
  • Shelmet evolves into Accelgor
  • Haunter evolves into Gengar
  • Phantump evolves into Trevenant
  • Karrablast evolves into Escavalier

Since none of these are Legendary or Mythical monsters, they cost less stardust to trade, and the costs only vary if they are shiny. If players have these monsters in their Pokedex, this method of evolving them can be more advantageous. Players should also befriend the trainers with whom they want to trade.

That’s all for Pokemon evolution by Trading on Pokemon GO. This is your chance to catch ’em all and become a true Pokemon GO master. Ready for this new Season 10: Rising Heroes, trainers?

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