Pokemon GO Golden Lure Module and Gimmighoul
Steos to get Golden Lure Module and Gimmighoul in the game. (Image via Niantic)

Gimmighoul’s debut in Pokemon GO took place on February 27, 2023, marking the platform’s link with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Players connected their Poke GO accounts to the latest two titles to make the creature appear, just like they obtained Meltan by connecting to Let’s Go.

Trainers can now find a new item called the Golden Lure Module, which allows them to collect Gimmighoul coins when spun for a limited time. It is a PokeStop component that turns any Stop into gold and rewards players with the resource for each Photo Disc spin. The Golden Lure Module also increases the chance of encountering Roaming Form Gimmighoul. For more information on how to get and use it, read below.

Pokemon GO guide: Steps to get a Golden Lure Module in 2023

Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon GO
Golden Lure Modules provides a Roaming Form Gimmighoul encounter in the game. (Image via Niantic)

Many players are currently looking for the item as it provides Gimmighoul Coins and fortifies the probability of encountering the Roaming Form Gimmighoul. This is a huge boost for collectors looking to complete their Pokedex. While that is the case, getting a Golden Lure Module is not a hard task, but it does demand consistency.

If trainers send five Postcards from Pokemon GO to Scarlet or Violet on Nintendo Switch, they can receive a Golden Lure Module as a fifth-day bonus. This reward is given to those who send multiple Postcards to Scarlet or Violet players, mostly developed to promote both games. While one might think there is more to it, that is all it takes to acquire this amazing item.

Steps to link Pokemon GO to Scarlet and Violet 2023

Gimmighoul with Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon GO
Connect Poke GO with Scarlet and Violet to get the Golden Lure Modules. (Image via Niantic)

It is easy to send a Postcard from Pokemon GO to Scarlet or Violet accounts. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. One must first connect the two games.
  2. Then, connect Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with Poke GO, launch the games and open the X menu. Then, select Pokemon Portal and Mystery Gift.
  3. From there, choose “Connect to Pokemon GO.”
  4. If you still need to pair your account, select “Pair with a Poke GO account.” Please note that this can only be done once per day.
  5. Next, launch Poke GO and navigate to settings.
  6. Then, scroll to “Nintendo Switch” and select “Connect to Nintendo Switch.”
  7. Once the games are paired, select Yes on your Nintendo Switch screen to confirm the connection.

Steps to send Postcards from Pokemon GO to Scarlet and Violet 2023

Golden Lure Modules and Pokestop in Pokemon GO
Send postcards to get Golden Lure Modules and Gimmieghoul. (Image via Niantic)

To send postcards from Poke GO to Scarlet and Violet, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Settings Tab and select Connected Devices and Services to connect with Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.
  2. Then, tap the Nintendo Switch button and choose Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.
  3. Open the Poke Portal in either Scarlet or Violet and select Mystery Gift.
  4. Connect to Poke GO by clicking “Pair with Pokemon GO” and confirming the pairing.
  5. Then, share a Postcard with the connected account.
  6. The final step is to open the Mystery Gift menu again to receive the Postcard and select “Connect to Pokemon GO.”

The usage and effects of Golden Lure Module in Pokemon GO 2023

Golden Lure Modules with Pokemon GO logo
Understand the steps to use Golden Lure Modules in the game. (Image via Niantic)

To activate a Golden Lure Module on a PokeStop, drag and drop it onto the Stop. Once activated, spin the Photo Disc every five minutes to receive prizes. Essentially, it transforms the location into a Gimmighoul Coin vending machine for a period of 30 minutes.

Gimmighoul Coins are earned in sets of five, while a Golden Lure Module can be spun up to six times but cannot be stacked. The Module attracts regular wild Pokemon for a 30-minute duration during the Festival of Colors event and does not attract Shiny ones. Trainers can earn Gimmighoul Coins by spinning other players’ Golden PokeStops.

That’s all for the Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon GO. Seize the opportunity to catch ’em all. Are you prepared for the latest season, Season 10: Rising Heroes?

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