Image Courtesy of Team Liquid

Team Liquid swept the finals of the 2022 Lock-In Tournament against the young Evil Geniuses, scoring 3-0. The biggest surprise of the final matchup was the performance of mid-laner Bjergsen. He finished the event with a whopping 15.6 KDA, leaving many excited about his return. He was considered the king of the mid-lane in North America before his retirement.

With this victory, Team Liquid heads into the 2022 LCS Spring Split with momentum. However, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies to start the tournament. The team struggled, and analysts questioned Bjergsen’s ability to compete in professional play.

Team Liquid looked sloppy at the start of the tournament as they were trying to adjust to one another.

Because of green card issues, they have experimented with three different lineups as they await CoreJJ’s approval. It also seemed that Team Liquid was on the verge of elimination during the semi-finals if not for the performance of Bwipo.

The finals were a different story..

Bjergsen seemed to return to his old all-star form when he was in his prime in TSM. As one of the veterans of the LCS, he proved many skeptics wrong in his Finals performance. He was a part of his team’s kills 66 percent of the time and only died eight times in 13 matches.

Before moving to Team Liquid, Bjergsen retired from professional play after the 2020 season. He then moved to a head coaching position with TSM. There were rumors of him returning to play after a disappointing 2021 performance by the team. Instead, he opted to leave the TSM organization to find new pastures with Team Liquid.

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