MSI 2023
MSI 2023 (Image by League of Legends)

League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the biggest MOBA in the world right now. The game was initially released in 2009 and ever since, has made huge progress in both the casual and competitive side of the game. Each year, Riot Games organizes League of Legends events with a huge prize pool, one such event is about to happen in May 2023. The League of Legends mid-seasonal invitational or MSI is all set to start soon and here are the top 3 fan favorite teams expected to win MSI 2023.

Top 3 Fan Favorite Teams to Win 2023

T1 (South Korea)

T1 is among the most feared team in the League of Legends eSport. It is safe to say that it holds one of the biggest names in LoL, the mechanical god, Faker.

T1, League of Legends esports team, MSI 2023
T1, LoL esports Team (Image by T1lol official Instagram)
  • This fan-favorite team has an amazing record all through 2022, with 26 win streak in LCK 2022 and MSI 2022.
  • Furthermore, they have a 24-series win streak in LCK 2022 Summers.

They had an unexpected loss to DRX in the 2022 League of Legends Worlds, and ever since then, they have had an impressive portfolio. In addition to being the “wounded beast” in the competition, they also have the experience to participate in and emerge victorious on these grand stages.

Gen.G (South Korea)

Another Korean powerhouse in the tournament is Gen.G or Generation Gaming. They are undoubtedly the second on our list to win the tournament because of their clean record performance.

Gen.G, League of Legends esports team, MSI2023
Gen.G, League of Legends esports team (Image by official Gen.G Instagram)

In the ADC meta, T1 had a notable advantage over most teams. However, the new meta has shifted away from that and Gen.G now has a favorable position, giving them a significant upper hand as they enter this tournament. Additionally, they have recently secured back-to-back victories in the LCK Spring Championship and are currently riding a wave of high expectations.

JD Gaming (China)

This team is among the strongest within their region and has proven it on multiple occasions. JD Gaming has a solid roster. Furthermore, they have been awarded as the best Chinese League of Legends team in 2020 and 2022.

JDG, League of Legends esports team, MSI 2023
League of Legends esports team, JDG (image by fandom)

While they don’t possess hyper carries in their lane like the teams mentioned earlier in this list, JDG is renowned for their team-fight tactics and effectively compensates for what they lack.

When is MSI 2023 happening and where can we watch it?

MSI 2023 is happening in London from 2nd May 2023 to 21st May 2023. It will be streamed on the official League of Legends esports Youtube channel.

Who do you think will win League of legend MSI 2023? Will it be one of these powerhouses or will it be another underdog story like LoL Worlds 2022? Feel free to ask in the comments below.

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