League of Legends Worlds 2022 will soon arrive, this time to North American cities as the hosts. It will be the first American tour at the LoL Worlds. The eSports event is considered one of the largest in the world. Riot Games announced the recent news about the Legends of League World Championship to be spread across the cities – Mexico City, Toronto, San Francisco, and New York. This announcement commenced ahead of a popular NBA match between the Raptors and Warriors at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Riot Games considers this event as the first-ever multi-nation edition reflecting the annual competition. Since 2016, it’s the first time the event has been decided to be held in North America. Things are decided to start with the play-ins of the league in Mexico City in the Liga Latinoamerica competition area. This will be followed by the quarter-finals in the Hulu Theater, Madison Square Garden in New York. The semifinals will be held in Toronto, Scotiabank Arena and the World Championship will culminate at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

LoL Worlds 2022: Trivia

The exact date for the League of Legends World Championship 2022 is yet to be announced but few things are confirmed. It usually starts around the end of September and by the beginning of October, while the run-through is scheduled for November. However, these are predictions and not the real dates. 24 individual teams will be qualifying for the event from 12 different regions across the world.

The teams will be qualified based on their performance in specific regions. At the moment, the tentative alignment of slots is like this:

LEC: 1 play-in-slot and 2 group stage slots
LCS: 1 play-in-slot and 2 group stage slots
LPL: 1 play-in-slot and 3 group stage slots
LCK: 1 play-in-slot and 3 group stage slots
PCS: 1 play-in-slot and 1 group stage slot
VCS: 1 play-in-slot and 1 group stage slot
LCL: 1 play-in-slot
TCL: 1 play-in-slot
CBLOL: 1 play-in-slot
LJL: 1 play-in-slot
LCO: 1 play-in-slot
LLA: 1 play-in-slot

Previous League Editions in North America

In 2013, the events were held in the United States at Staples Center and Garden Center in Los Angeles. Worlds 2013 were conducted in the Staples Center. Whereas in 2016, the group stage play was enacted in San Francisco. To follow, the quarter-finals were performed at the Chicago Theater in Chicago. Not to miss, the semi-finals were held at Madison Square Garden in New York. Returning back, the finals were again played at the Staples Center in LA.

Even if this has been a brief history of the Worlds Championship with The United States. This becomes important to consider and map the matches this year as well.

Betting Tips for Beginners for LoL Worlds 2022

  • The first thing to know in the game of LoL is the rules of the game. If you don’t understand the rules, it can eventually become difficult for you. The rules are moderately tough to crack at the beginning but with every progressive step, you start excelling. To gain a quick catch-up, download the game and watch the tutorials to get the flow and get through the gaming mechanics.
  • Once you start watching the games, start analyzing and interpreting the relative strengths obtained between two different teams. This will make your bet not anonymous and random, but a sensible one as you start understanding the uniformity of the teams in the future, which is extremely important before making predictions.
  • Refer to the standings to get an idea of how the teams generally play and perform. You cannot just bet on the last moment without acquiring much information about the teams on a prior note.
  • As a bettor, you need to be conservative before you start. Consider yourself as a bettor from New York, New York promo codes are the best when it comes to other bookmakers. So try to hunt for some opportunities and then get started to make your betting experience better. Wager on reasonable outcomes and not randomly. Be familiar with different options.
  • Once you are thorough with the basics, you can simply move out to the complex part to gain more from the League of Legends betting system.


League of Legends is surging to take a charge in the domain of digital eSports. The wise intention of bringing changes this year has possible implications. The tour across Canada and Mexico makes it the first time for the fans to watch and move around North America.

However, New York is a place renowned for its eSports superiority. The city is a ground for the leading sports tournaments and also legalized betting fronts. Similarly, San Francisco is popular for its exquisite demonstration of beauty. The Riot Games have made the decision of these hosting cities very appropriately to bring out the multi-contrary aspect of the league to the fore. Otherwise, the previous editions completely focused on the United States.

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