How to wake all the Firsts in Minecraft Legends
How to wake all the Firsts in Minecraft Legends (Image courtesy of Mojang and Spieltimes)

Minecraft Legends is set in an alternate dimension where you must protect the Overworld from the Piglin invasion. Thus, having powerful Firsts by your side will give you an edge in the battle. However, you must awaken these golem-like creatures to utilize their respective strengths. 

The Firsts are the ancient beings of the land, possessing unparalleled combat strength in Minecraft Legends. They represent various Overworld materials such as Stone, Diorite, Brick, and Oak. Moreover, you will have to farm a fixed amount of resources to wake them up. 

There are a total of four types of Firsts in the game that you can recruit for your team. Today’s guide will cover each of their locations and unlock criteria.

Minecraft Legends guide to wake up all the Firsts 

All four Firsts in Minecraft Legends
Image containing the four Firsts from Minecraft Legends (Image courtesy of Youtube/Trophygamers)

As mentioned previously, you can recruit these gigantic mobs in Minecraft Legends. They will be a powerful placeholder in your team that can assist you in taking down the Piglin empire with ease. However, you must track down each of their locations to unlock them.

There are no specific spawn points for Firsts in the game world, but you can spot their remains across the following biomes:

  • First of Stone: Meadow
  • First of Diorite: Jagged Peaks
  • First of Brick: Dry Savannah
  • First of Oak: Badlands

Once you have found their bodies, return to the Well of Fate. After reaching the area, craft the Improvement: Wake the Firsts. Here are the resources you need to build the structure. 

  • 100 Sone
  • 100 Prismarine
Destroy Piglin outpost to collect Prismarine
Destroy Piglin outposts to collect Prismarine (Image courtesy of Youtube/JadePG)

Make sure to stock up on the materials beforehand for convenience. Moreover, you can easily obtain Prismarine by destroying Piglin Outposts. As for stones, they are available throughout the world.

Revival cost and abilities of all the Firsts


After waking the Golems, you can use them during the battle for their powerful abilities. In most cases, they absorb all the heavy blows, so their deaths should come as no surprise. Improvement: Wake the Firsts will allow you to resurrect them at a fair cost. 

The following table contains each of their unique abilities and their revival cost in the game. 

Type of First Special Ability  Revival Cost
Stone Launches stone boulders at the hostile structures and attacks surrounding enemies. Their attack might be slow, but it can dish out a lot of damage. 100 Gold and 500 Stone
Diorite Spawns multiple golems to assist in the battle. 100 Gold and 125 Coal
Brick Protects allies with a defensive barrier and uses stomping attacks on enemies. 100 Gold and 125 Iron
Oak Excels at powerful ranged attack. 100 Gold and 500 Wood

This summarizes the unique skills and resurrection cost of each of the Firsts in Minecraft Legends. Now, dedicate some time to assembling their team to send the Piglins back to the Nether Realm.

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