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Esports player Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera was exposed for cheating on Jennifer Nierva with another Esports player’s girlfriend Carol. Basic, the Esports player in question, took to Facebook to reveal screenshots as evidence of Yawi’s advances on his girlfriend.


Yawi caught cheating on girlfriend Jennifer Nierva

Tristan Cabrera was exposed for cheating on his girlfriend Jennifer Nierva by making scandalous offers to someone else. They were in a public relationship since 2022. Jennifer is a previous key player in National University’s historic UAAP volleyball title in Season 84, whereas Yawi is a professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player for pro team Echo.

  • After making their relationship public in 2022, both players spread colors of love across their social media. However, this came to an abrupt stop as Cabrera, also known as Yawi was actually cheating on volleyball player Nierva.
Yawi Scandal Cheats on Jennifer Nierva, Carol, Basic screenshots
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Basic Revels Key Evidence of the Yawi Scandal

Peter Bryce Lozano, also known as Basic uploaded screenshots of Yawi’s controversial conversations. In the screenshots, it revealed that the Esports player Yawi is flirting with a girl named Carol. For those unfamiliar, Carol is an Indonesian student who is also Basic’s girlfriend.

  • The screenshots were published on New Year’s Day and they instantly became viral among the community. In the series of screenshots, one can see Yawi sleazily flirting with Carol in the chats starting from Instagram to another platform that looks like either WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • He begins by complimenting Carol on her pretty and sexy body through the Vanish Mode of Instagram. Then, he denies his relationship with Jennifer Nierva when asked by Carol. It only gets worse as Yawi desperately pursues Carol. He is found nagging and calling her multiple times through the messaging app at 3 AM.
  • He stops for a moment by saying, “If you aren’t excited then I’m not excited about you”. He then gets desperate calling her and asking for her address, saying he wants to visit her at 4 A.M. When she doesn’t respond he calls her ekiz or ‘X’. He wishes her good luck for her feelings for Basic, bids goodbye until the next life, and more which can be found on Basic’s Facebook account.
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FwydChickn reveals more details of the Yawi Scandal

Esports player Yawi’s cheating Facebook thread quickly spread through the internet and received mixed opinions from fans. Some didn’t hold back from bashing Yawi for the disgrace whereas some morally questioned publicizing of a private matter. Due to this, one of his teammates from The Valley, a North American Mobile Legends squad, Ian Hohl, popularly known as FwydChickn shared complete context about the situation.

  • He was doing a livestream when he started telling the complete context behind publicizing the messages. He begins when the team was looking for lodging and Basic introduced an Indonesian university student named Carol who could help. Here, Yawi meets Carol through Basic as they are friends who often hang out together. Weeks are spent hanging out and then Yawi naturally asks for her Instagram handle.
  • FwydChickn revealed that Carol reached out to Basic about Yawi. He was seeking her to exchange sexual favors throughout the last 3 days and denied his relationship with Jennifer Nierva. Hearing this, Basic confronted Yawi, asking him to reveal his deeds to Nierva or else he would release everything in public.
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The reason behind the public release of interactions

Basic gave Yawi a chance to come clean to his girlfriend about his cheating but according to Nierva, he accused Carol of hitting on him instead of the other way around. After knowing the complete story, Nierva was furious and asked them to release the screenshots. Carol agreed as well, prompting Basic to make the whole matter public.

  • When people blamed Basic for snitching on Yawi, FwydChickn defended him by saying Basic did give him a chance to come clean. He could have revealed it weeks ago but he generously waited and only revealed it with the permission of both the girls involved.
  • FwydChickn ended the discussion with a disclaimer. Everything he shared was what he was told or shown proof of as he wasn’t there when it all happened. There could be more details that he doesn’t know therefore he shall not take any accountability for the matter.
  • According to Attract Tour, Yawi allegedly also cheated on his previous girlfriend which adds more drama and flair to this scandal.

Jennifer Nierva has since deleted all the photos of Yawi from her social media accounts. She also shared a cryptic message about focusing on self-love this new year. For more exclusive news about entertainment, sports, and gaming, follow Spiel Times.

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