Mobile Legends x Neymar Jr: How to get the Neymar Bruno skin and other items for free

MLBB x Neymar Jr 2

It’s Neymar time! A new sports icon is coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and everyone is going crazy. This month, MLBB is collaborating with the football superstar, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior or famously known as Neymar Jr. So far, Neymar is the second sports personality that MLBB has collaborated, with the Filipino Champ, Manny Pacquiao, being the first one. According to the game developers, the highlight of the MLBB x Neymar partnership is the two new skins for Bruno plus exclusive emotes, battle effects, and in-game items. All of these will be available to whoever joins the upcoming events. Not only that, one of the two skins will be given for FREE to participants! To learn how to get these free amazing gifts, read more below.

How to get the free Neymar skin for Bruno?

Actually, two Neymar-inspired Bruno skins will be available in the game this week. One is called Bruno “Neymar Jr” skin while the other one is the Bruno “Halo Striker” skin. Scroll down below to know the details and rewards of the events for the MLBB and Neymar collaboration.

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Root for Neymar Jr! event (November 19, 2022, to December 18, 2022)

To obtain the Bruno “Neymar Jr” skin, you must first enter the Root for Neymar Jr event. The event will officially begin on November 19 and will conclude on December 18. Just follow these simple steps to have a chance at acquiring fantastic rewards in this Neymar event.

  • Players can pre-register starting from November 11 until November 18. By pre-registering for the event, players will be guaranteed “signed photos”
  • These “signed photos” will be used to draw the Neymar Jr skin in the event raffle. Each draw will cost three signed photos. To gain a signed photo, you must complete various tasks in-game which will replenish every 24 hours.
  • Fortunately, the Neymar Jr skin can be guaranteed if you reach 25 draws so keep playing and keep grinding!
  • Aside from the said skin, you can also acquire these free rewards in the raffle draw: Neymar’s signature move (emote),  an exclusive gift (no.10 jersey), tickets, battle points, and emblems.
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MLBB x Neymar Jr 1
Screengrab Courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang via YouTube

Lucky Flip event (November 20, 2022, to December 19, 2022)

Acquire the second skin in the upcoming collaboration titled the “Halo Striker” skin by joining the Lucky Flip event beginning November 20. However, this one is not for free. To join the Lucky Flip event, players must flip a deck of nine (9) cards. If a player can flip Lucky cards, the new Neymar epic skin will appear. In addition to that, the starting cost of flipping the cards costs 10 diamonds but will increase in price after each try.

Along with the arrival of Neymar in Mobile Legends comes these wonderful events every player would enjoy.

  • Battle Points exchange event (December 3 to December 9)
  • EXP double day (December 10 to December 12)
  • Free spawn effect (December 17 to December 19)
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Aside from that, everyone can also acquire skins from the Nostalgia tab during this cycle. Plus, there will be a Football Carnival event in the Overdrive mode featuring a football-themed map from November 21 to 29.

MLBB x Neymar Nostalgia
Screengrab Courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang via YouTube
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