Genshin Impact Momoka will be a Dendro character
Genshin Impact Momoka will be a 4-star Dendro character

Genshin Impact players are waiting for Momoka as speculations have helped create a speculated illustration of her model. So far, the community was convinced of her element to be Geo, but a recent leak changes everything. A trusted leaker has revealed that she will be a Dendro vision holder coming in version 3.7 of the game. 

Previously, Momoka had been the center of attention for being a “Geo Catgirl,” but the latest rumor raises questions. Not only will she have a different element, but she will be of 4-star rarity. Here is some new information about Momoka that can potentially change her reputation. 

Genshin Impact leak reveals changes to Momoka’s element type

There have been instances when trusted leakers published inaccurate information. The same happened for Momoka as she now stands as a rumored Dendro 4-star character

As seen from the above Twitter post, Mero, who once revealed her elemental skill, made a public apology. What more can be observed is that the leaker mentioned Momoka will not be a 5-star unit. The news can be a shock for players who were planning to save up resources for her.

Twitter account @SaveYourPrimos dropped some additional information about the character, including her location of origin and weapon type. She will now be the designated sword-wielding ‘Catgirl’ from Inazuma in Genshin Impact. For the most part, her rarity and her elemental type are the only pieces of information that stand changed, while the rest of her kit remains the same.

Momoka will not be featured in the standard banner from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

As per the Reddit leak, it was earlier disclosed that she will not be added to the Standard Banner, which now stands invalid. Given the potential 4-star status of the character, she has to be in the Wanderlust Invocation. 

Momoka’s expected release date, in-game kit, and more

Expected Genshin Impact Update Dates for 2023 from Genshin_Impact

It appears Momoka’s speculated release date hasn’t changed and she is set to be released in Genshin Impact 3.7. While there is no official notice from the developers about the patch, a quick calculation of the 42-day cycle sets the expected day to be May 24, 2023, as when the version will go live. She could be on any of the rate-up banners for that patch given that she is a 4-star character. 

Earlier she was leaked to be a shielder with a tap or hold elemental skill, which will put her on a similar level to Dionna. Now that she has a Dendro shield, she will be able to protect her party from any incoming heavy damage of the same element. 

The recent development of Momoka’s leaks has now confused the game’s community. They are struggling with their expectations and questioning if her illustrations are accurate. It should be noted that there hasn’t been any update on her in-game character model. Until Genshin Impact officials release any information about her, there is a slight possibility that her popularity might get tanked.

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