Regidrago in Pokemon GO
Regidrago Elite raid crash and brings about many responses. (Image via Niantic)

The Regidrago Pokemon GO Elite Raid event, which started on March 11, 2023, has faced issues, making some players unable to join the raid. The Elite Raids have had a turbulent history with fans, with the first Hoopa Unbound Elite Raid being hindered by multiple frustrating issues. Almost the same case was seen whenever a new Pocket Monster with an innovative encounter mechanism was introduced.

The franchise’s fans, especially the Reddit community, have always been vocal about the issues they face in the game. The same can be seen again as multiple responses are surfacing regarding the current issues. With much frustration seen online, Niantic has also responded with an apology on its Twitter handle.

So let’s dive into the issues, fan responses, and what the Pokemon GO developers had to say about the most recent Regidrago Pokemon GO Elite Raid bugs.

Regidrago Pokemon GO Elite Raids crash triggers response from Niantic and players this 2023

Screenshot of Reddit fans on Regidrago Pokemon GO elite raid
The Reddit fan community is dissatisfied with the ongoing Regidrago elite raid issues. (Image via Reddit)

The Pokemon GO Reddit community is overwhelmed with multiple posts and comments from players expressing dissatisfaction with the game’s current state. In a now-deleted post, many users have shared their experiences with issues, including problems with joining raid groups, getting kicked out of raids, and experiencing app crashes.

The widespread frustration suggests significant issues with the game’s functionality that was asked to be addressed by the developer, Niantic.

Reddit fans on Regidrago Pokemon GO elite raid
The Reddit fan community comments on the ongoing Regidrago elite raid issues. (Image via Reddit)

Players were seen mocking Pokemon GO developers, with many accusing Niantic of overpricing in-game boxes to loot people. Many suggested the developers pay little attention to the gameplay these days.

A fan expressed his frustration stating they and 20+ players were stranded in a park, constantly trying to get into an in-game gym and unable to. Like other fans, some had to stay out in the freezing cold, and some couldn’t bear it anymore and left.

Most fans explained the situation as disastrous and blamed the developers for being greedy and not paying attention to the game. This accusation is constantly seen, and fans have repeatedly pointed out the greediness of the Pokemon GO developers.

PokeMiners reveals the problem behind the current Regidrago Pokemon GO Elite Raids crash 2023

As per information provided by Pokeminers, Regidrago was only partially developed on its release, which resulted in issues with its circle and model. However, it is expected that those problems will be or are resolved. During the launch, certain important settings were missing, such as camera and collision settings, appropriate model and scaling for Regidrago, and PVP camera settings.

PokeMiners also reported that Niantic updated Hoopa’s assets instead of Regidrago’s just an hour before the event began. Furthermore, there were temporary problems with Elite Raids, which made it impossible to join them and disappeared entirely shortly after. Additionally, there were some unusual problems with the Primal Raid music.

Pokemon GO developers Niantic respond to Regidrago Pokemon GO Elite Raids crash 2023

On March 10, 2023, the official Niantic Support Twitter account apologized, stating they had fixed a problem preventing trainers from participating in Elite Raids. To compensate for the inconvenience caused, they announced that an extra day of Elite Raids would be added on March 12 for players in the GMT +13 timezone. They expressed gratitude for the fans’ understanding.

But it appears that only players in the timezone mentioned earlier will be given the time extension, even though those in other regions also experienced peculiar problems with the Elite Raids.

That’s all for the ongoing Regidrago Pokemon GO Elite Raids crash this March 2023. Seize the opportunity to catch ’em all. Are you prepared for the latest season, Season 10: Rising Heroes?

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