Pokemon GO Ultra League.
GO battle league will run until March 29, 2023 (Image Via Niantic)

Pokemon GO Battle League is returning with its competitive PvP battles. Players compete with their best fighters for the top position and rewards. Although ranks reset each season, the challenge is what matters. There are three standard Battle Leagues that Pokemon GO has to offer, Great, Ultra, and Master League. 

Each has its limitations, and Ultra League restricts CP above 1500 and under 2500 from entering. The mid-tier competition sees Legendaries and some immensely powerful fighters, so stock up on those XL candies. The Ultra League started on March 15, 8:00 PM GMT and will end on March 29, 2023, 8:00 PM GMT, and one should prepare their best. That apart, this article covers one of the best teams possible.

Best team for Pokemon GO Ultra Battle League in 2023: Shadow Gliscor, Registeel XL, and more 

Although there are several choices, we’ve listed three peculiar monsters with CP under 2500. These three fighters are the strongest in their power range – Shadow Gliscor, Registeel XL, and Pidgeot XL.

1) Shadow Gliscor 

Shadow Gliscor in Pokemon GO 
Shadow Gliscor has only two weaknesses to worry about in the game. (Image via Niantic)

Shadow Gliscor is a dual Ground/Flying-type Pokemon GO monster with stats of 185 Attack, 222 Defense, and 181 Stamina. This Shadow Pokemon has only two weaknesses, Ice and Water-type moves, but is resistant to Ground, Bug, Electric, Fighting, and Poison-type attacks in the game.

Its best moveset combines Wing Attack and Earthquake, which amounts to 12.71 DPS. Its Charged Move Night Slash has a +2 Attack buff, which can create a great deal of damage to the opponent. Most of these moves have STAB potential and deal extra damage.

2) Registeel XL 

Registeel XL in Pokemon GO
Registeel XL is considered one of the best fighters for the Ultra League. (Image via Niantic)

Registeel, the king of Ultra League, stands as the number one fighter. This Legendary Steel-type has an incredible number of resistances compared to fewer weaknesses. It is weak against Fire, Ground, and Fighting-type, but resistant to Poison, Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type attacks. 

Its Fast Move, Lock-on, generates great energy. Combine it with powerful Charged Moves like Focus Blast and Flash cannon, which deals absolute damage. Additionally, Flash Cannon has a STAB bonus that deals deadly damage to the opponent.

3) Pidgeot XL 

Pidgeot XL in Pokemon GO Ultra League
Pidgeot XL has only three weaknesses in the game. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Right after Registeel XL is Pidgeot XL in Pokemon GO, a dual Normal and Flying-type Pocket Monster. Although the monster resists Bug, Ghost, Grass, and Ground-type moves, it shows weaknesses against Electric, Ice, and Rock-type attacks. Its best moveset combines Wing Attack (Fast Move), Feather Dance, and Brave Bird (Charged Moves), and both Charged Moves have STAB bonuses. 

While Wing Attack generates energy, combining it with Feather Dance guarantees -2 Attack debuff to your opponent. You can also win the battle with Brave Bird dealing 11.11 DPS at the crucial moment.

More counters to use in Pokemon GO Ultra League 2023

Counters to use in Pokemon GO Ultra League Battle.
Giratina and Cresselia fall onto the best counters to use in Ultra League. (Image via Niantic)

There are only so many best teams for Ultra League. However, having these pocket monsters on your team guarantees good results. The performance of your roster depends on the type of opponent you face. For instance, although Registeel is one of the best fighters, a powered-up Swampert can easily beat it.

If you do not have hands on the critters mentioned above, you can use some other options. The list includes the following:

  • Giratina (Altered Forme) with its Shadow claw, Dragon Claw, and Shadow Sneak.
  • Trevenant XL with its Shadow claw, Shadow Ball, and Seed Bomb.
  • Cresselia with its Psycho cut, Grass Knot, and Moon Blast.
  • Regirock with its Lock on, Stone Edge, and Focus Blast.
  • Cobalion with its Double Kick, Scared Sword, and Stone Edge.
  • Swampert with its Mud Shot, Hydro Cannon, and Earthquake.

Ultra League is currently going on alongside the Great League Psychic League, and in the second week of its run, it will appear alongside the Great League Mountain Cup.

That’s all for the Pokemon GO Ultra League 2023. Seize the opportunity to catch ’em all. Are you prepared for the latest season, Season 10: Rising Heroes?

Let us know in the comments below if you have other questions about the best team for Ultra League. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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