Pokemon Unite: Top 5 Pokemon to Use in Season 11 – Ranked

Pokemon unite season 11

Pokemon Unite is currently one of the most popular MOBA out there. After every fixed interval of time, the ranks in the game reset bringing the players to a new season. Pokemon Unite’s new season 11 will go live on 19th April 2023, and here is a list of the Top 5 Pokemon to use to quickly rank up in this season for the rank rewards.

Top 5 Pokemon to Use in Season 11 Pokemon Unite


Lapras (in-game screengrab)

It is a support attack based ranged defender. Currently, the most overpowered character in-game should be Laprass This newly released Pokemon was released as a defender but has good damage and also amazing sustain. It can be flexed in both as a defender and a Jungler.

  • Role – Defender/Jungle
  • Difficulty – Intermediate
  • Tier – SSS tier


Zacian (in-game screengrab)

It is a melee-ranged all-rounder. For a long time now, Zacian has been dominating the Theia Sky Ruins. Zacian is usually played in Jungle. It has the potential to carry the game on its own even after numerous nerfs.

  • Role – All-rounder/Jungle
  • Difficulty – Intermediate
  • Tier – S tier


Urshifu (in-game screengrab)

It has been a constant pick for the past few seasons. It has two forms and both of them are viable. Players can play it in both the jungle and offlane. You might find some difficulty till level 5 but after that Urshifu is a force to reckon with.

  • Role – All-rounder/Jungle & Offlane
  • Difficulty – Intermediate
  • Tier – A+ tier


Blastoise (in-game screengrab)

It is a ranged defender played in the offlane. Blastoise’s rapid spin ability set makes it an amazing choice as he is good at dishing out damage and at the same time has great endurance.

  • Role – All-rounder/Offlane
  • Difficulty – Easy
  • Tier – A+ tier
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Pokemon Unite season 11
Tyranitar (in-game screengrab)

It is a melee all-rounder played in both Jungle and Offlane. He can be countered in proper 5v5 team games but in solo ranked he is quite strong. He has a very strong late game and dishes out high damage.

  • Role – All-rounder/Offlane & Jungle
  • Difficulty – Intermediate
  • Tier – A tier

Pokemon Unite season 11 ranked rewards:

Pokemon Unite season 11
Rank rewards (in-game screengrab)

Ranking up in Pokemon Unite can be challenging but rewarding. Here are all the details of the rewards you can earn this season.

  • Beginner: Class 2 – 1,000 Aeos Tickets
  • Great: Class 4 – 1,500 Aeos Tickets
  • Expert: Class 5 – 1,500 Aeos Tickets
  • Veteran: Class 5 – 2,000 Aeos Tickets
  • Ultra: Class 5 – UNITE Ranked Season 11 Avatar Clothing Set
  • Master 1200 – Trainer Card Background (Season 11), 500 Aeos Tickets
  • Master 1400 – Snapshot Trainer Card Frame (Season 11), 500 Aeos Tickets
  • Master 1600 – Season 11 Trainer Card Sticker, 500 Aeos Tickets

Climbing ranks in Pokemon Unite is not as easy as one would think it to be. Therefore we hope our list of the Top 5 Pokemon to use in Season 11 can help you reach the highest rank in the game. The season will end in June. Therefore, hurry up and rank. Do tell us what your favorite Pokemon is.


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