Senate bill 686 speculated to ban Genshin Impact in US: Exploring the game’s potential future

What was sought to secure the information of the nation from foreign adversaries is now speculated to ban Genshin Impact in the US. Senate bill 686 or the RESTRICT Act was designed to protect the cyber security of the country. Additionally, it contains a section that mentions “gaming applications” which induced rumors about the potential ban of the foreign game. 

Many popular game titles in the US belong to foreign companies. One of the prime examples is certainly HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact. Fans fear that under the influence of the RESTRICT Act, the game might get banned in the near future.

There are no specific details in the Act whatsoever that explicitly suggest a ban on Genshin Impact. Despite that, the US player base has reasons to be concerned about its foreseeable feature which will be discussed throughout this article.

Will Genshin Impact be banned in the US? Exploring how the RESTRICT Act might affect miHoYo’s title

The Congress’s official website contains details on Senate bill 686 which are laid out for citizens’ understanding. Its objective emphasizes national security information and its protection from foreign adversaries. Moreover, the official title advertises the following purpose of the bill.

“A bill to authorize the Secretary of Commerce to review and prohibit certain transactions between persons in the United States and foreign adversaries, and for other purposes.”


The Genshin Impact community is concerned about the title’s future in the US after the introduction of the bill. Some fans believe that the act will lead to the game’s ban given that the developers are based in China. The country is listed as a foreign adversary under Section 2(8) of the RESTRICT Act. Here are some other countries that are exclusively mentioned under the mentioned sub-section. 

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Korea
  • Russia 
  • Venezuela

Further speculations on the RESTRICT Act’s influence


One of the major reasons backing up the speculation of the Genshin Impact ban in US is the inclusion of “gaming applications” under Section 5(6) of the Act. The section further briefs on how the concerned Secretary has the power to review and take actions against such games. Besides that, some believe that if TikTok gets banned then it’s a matter of time for the Government to take action against the aforementioned gacha game. 

Senate bill 686 has yet to be passed by the legislative bodies of the US. However, gamers hypothesize that the approval of the act will have a negative influence on titles that boast a massive foreign investment. Following Genshin Impact, players have showed their concern about some of the popular titles such as Pokemon Unite, Valorant, and League of Legends


The entirety of the RESTRICT Act has been thoroughly descriptive, articulating most of the key elements that fall under its jurisdiction. Moreover, there are enough inclusions in each of the sections that justify the concerns of the gaming community.

The bill is yet to be passed by the legislative bodies. Thus, for the time being Genshin Impact is completely legal and playable in the US region. As for the future of the game, it is still unknown how much the Act will influence its existence.