“This is my last match as an Aura player”: Is Yawi leaving Aura Indonesia?

"This is my last game as an Aura Player": Is Yawi leaving Aura Indonesia?

Yawi’s recent post on his Instagram made a lot of people question whether he is leaving Aura. In his last story post, he is somewhat informing fans that he will leave the team.

During the post-match of Aura Indonesia vs Alter Ego, the female host, Monica Kho asked Yawi if he wanted to say something to his fans and he said in Bahasa Indonesia: “This is my last match as an Aura player,” gave the mic to his teammate and then started crying.

Fan Theories: Why is Yawi leaving Aura Indonesia?

The fans and shoutcasters were stunned by this revelation urging them to build any speculations about what could have happened with Yawi. Here are some of the theories raised about his future with Aura Indonesia:

  1. His contract has already expired. This speculation is highly unlikely as it is said that Yawi’s contract with Aura Indonesia is still LONG.
  2. He will continue his studies in the Philippines.
  3. Some shoutcasters think it is an internal conflict between him and his teammates. But during the season’s final match replay of Aura Indonesia, it can be heard that Yawi’s teammates are having fun but talking about Yawi’s departure shouting “Yawi last game”.
  4. Shoutcasters suspect a possible health problem Yawi is facing.

My Thoughts

Remember Echo Philippines, the successful Mobile Legends team? They were previously known as Aura PH before a rebranding in Season 8 of MPL PH. Here’s the theory: What if Aura Indonesia is also rebranding, and Yawi’s announcement is a stunt to introduce the new name, maybe Echo Indonesia? This could mean that he will be under the new branding but with the same team and management.

The Big News

During one of Karltzy’s live streams, the child prodigy revealed that Echo will be announcing big news this coming May 20th. Is this connected to Yawi’s recent posts and announcement during the interview?

While watching Yawi shed tears during the post-game interview, it can also be seen that his teammates are allegedly holding their laughter beside him. They definitely know what’s going on and only time will tell what will happen in Yawi’s future.

These are just some additional thoughts, and the real reason behind Yawi’s alleged departure remains a mystery.

I’m still not convinced about Yawi’s sudden departure announcement from Aura Indonesia. This could genuinely be a prank to create drama in the MPL Indonesia playoffs. Disrupting other teams’ strategies against Aura Indonesia, who were convincingly strong this season, is a possible motive.

Yawi’s long contract and KarlTzy’s recent announcement might simply hint at them being on the same team brand but in different leagues (Indonesia and PH).

I will update this article once more information is available.

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