Spike Rush might be the new game mode in Valorant/ Riot Games

With Valorant’s Closed Beta about to come to an end on the 28th of May, there was a lot of information revealed by the Riot devs on some of the upcoming changes along with a teaser of a new agent and a new map.

There is some speculation going about, concerning the new map; that it may be called ‘Ascent’ and it might just feature a new game mode. 


In a Tweet on the 22nd of May, data miner FloxaY leaked some of Valorant’s data that possibly hints at a new game mode called Spike Rush. There has been certain information on the type of playstyle that Spike Rush will feature, and according to FloxaY, it will be a quick mode type of play.

Currently, the games in the Competitive mode last from 30-40 minutes at an average, hence Riot might be trying to introduce a quicker, more stress-free mode that lasts a very short time, much like the Aram mode in League of Legends. 

Fortunately enough, according to FloxaY, the duration of Spike Rush will be just 8 to 12 minutes in length, and players will be given access to a bunch of temporary buffs to speed up the game.

“One of the buffs is Speed Boost, a power-up previously found in the closed beta files. Players may also find Health Regen, Damage Boost, and Enemy Reveal. Speed Boost suggests a movement speed buff will affect individual agents or even entire teams.” – The quote is taken from DotEsports.

However, not everything is set in stone, and Spike Rush being the next game mode is still speculative at best. There is still some time before the game gets an official launch on the 2nd of June, and the devs might just decide to move things around a bit and come up with a game mode that is completely different from what was mined and leaked by FloxaY.


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