Valorant: T1 acquires The Guard’s Sayaplayer

The Valorant T1 social media recently made a lineup announcement indicating a new team competing in Pacific tournaments. The new roster will include the duelist Sayaplayer. Sayaplayer is best known for being part of The Guard in the last two years. He was integral in their success alongside Valyn and Trent.

After several qualification failures, four players left the team to pursue other interests. We won’t see any sign of The Guard soon since they’re not qualified for VCT 2023. With that, T1 has swooped in to acquire Sayaplayer after these events.

A History with T1

Sayaplayer is no stranger to the T1 organization. For those who have followed his career, her first began playing professional Valorant with T1 back when he was called Spyder. Many rumors started spreading that he would use his old name with the return. He has shut down all the murmurs by stating that he will be moving forward with Sayaplayer as his moniker.

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He will be joined at T1 by Ban, Xeta, Beomjun, and Munchkin. Xeta is another notable talent who was previously part of the Cloud9 organization, while Ban played for Luminosity Gaming.

Fans are excited to see what Sayaplayer can bring to this new T1 team. He was always known for a more aggressive play and was the most reliable one in clutch situations. Sayaplayer’s aggression and Xaya’s defense could make for a formidable duo.

Before joining T1, Sayaplayer received a lot of credit for helping bring The Guard to Masters. They competed in the NA Challengers team, where they defeated OpTic. They also reached the qualifying finals of VCT 2023, where they lost against 100 Thieves.

Some of Sayaplayer’s signature picks include Raze, Chamber, and Jett. He’ll likely use a combination of these in professional matches. However, many professionals change some of their choices and strategies with a new team. We’ll see how Sayaplayer adjusts and T1’s performance in upcoming tournaments.

The Shakeups Continue

The aftermath of big tournaments often sees the dissolution of several teams and roster changes all around. It has been the case for many eSports scenes, and Valorant is no different. Xerxia recently parted with its roster as four players chose to explore other options. We also had the news of Mixwell joining Team Heretics to compete in VCT 2023.

Valorant recently kicked off Episode 5, Act 3. The update features a new Battlepass and Agent Harbor. Harbor is the fifth Controller agent to join the game. Major updates often come with new skin lines bundles and other content for players to enjoy. It includes the highly anticipated Ion skin line.

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VCT 2022 will begin on October 28 and run for three days. It features a $1500 prize pool and some of the best teams in the scene. More changes are likely to occur as teams prepare to face off.

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